Zoe Helene on location in the Peruvian Amazon—Photo by Tracey Eller


Zoe Helene is a classically trained multi-disciplinary artist and cultural activist best known for educational advocacy in the areas of women's empowerment through intentional journeying with psychedelic plants and fungi, and for psychedelic feminism, a term she coined and popularized.

Zoe has been featured in Bust, Forbes, BBC Travel, ABC Australia, New Zealand Radio, VICE, LA Yoga, LA Weekly, Playboy, Outside Magazine, New York Magazine, Boston Magazine, Vice | Broadly, Vice | Tonic, Psymposia, Sensi, Weedmaps, Brides, Bustle, Utne Reader, Wisdom Daily, AlterNet, Newsday, MassRoots, Organic Authority, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal, The Valley Advocate, MIT Technology Review, and Fast Company.

Zoe has also been interviewed in psychedelic and cannabis podcasts such as Psychedelic Salon, The Third Wave, Adventures Through the Mind, Psychedelic Parenting, Psychedelics Today, Pathways, Utne Reader’s Abstract Notions, Susun Weed's People Making Change and Medicine Path.

She appeared with her husband and partner, Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham, on NBC Nightly News and in The New York Times. Chris’ books The Ayahuasca Test Pilots Handbook and The Five Tibetans (Second Edition) are dedicated to Zoe. See Media Mentions for details.

As a corespondent, Zoe's sustainability stories, interviews and lifestyle showcases have been published in LA Yoga, Boston Yoga, Organic Spa Magazine, Utne Reader, Coco Eco, Reset.Me, Conscious Living, EcoSalon, Nailed, Civilized, Cannabist, Lift, Ladybud, Earth Tribe, Activist News, Reality Sandwich, Huffington Post, Organic Authority and the Endangered Species Coalition. See Corespondent Work for details.


Zoe is Founder + Chief Visionary Officer of Cosmic Sister, an eco-feminist collective for women who understand that true balance of power between genders will lead humans down an evolutionary path that does not end in the destruction of life on Earth as we know it. Today, she is mostly know for her work with Psychedelic Feminism, a term she coined and popularized to describe a sub-genre of feminism that embraces psychedelic evolutionary allies from nature for women's healing, self-liberation and empowerment, and for exploring core feminist issues in fresh and exciting ways.

Participating in traditional plant spirit medicine ayahuasca ceremonies with indigenous tribes in the Peruvian Amazon deepens her determination to protect the earth’s diverse biological abundance and inspires her visual art, in the “visionary art” style. The Amazonian Shipibo tribe, with whom Zoe participates in ayahuasca ceremonies, bestowed upon her the name Kata (Little Bear) for her fierce, nurturing nature.

Through the Cosmic Sister Plant Spirit Grant, Zoe helps outstanding women experience the healing and consciousness-expanding journey of ayahuasca ceremony in the Peruvian Amazon. The program was featured in Boston Magazine, where she explains, how “the ayahuasca experience rebirths, inspires, empowers, and ignites” women to shine. “This is not recreational—it is hard if fascinating work with a big payoff,” she said in Utne Reader, and, “My theory is that the medicine helps us communicate with the subconscious parts of our own psyche, and to our own deepest inner wisdom, which is a nature wisdom," in AlterNet. See Media for more.


Zoe is outspoken and unyielding in her fight for the rights of wilderness and wildlife, including the rights of dolphins, wild horses and wolves, which are threatened by aggressive and widespread anti-wolf extremism. “I can’t relate to the people who shoot wolves,” she writes on Huffington Post. She has also written passionately about saving the rainforests, oceans, the Arctic, and wilderness habitat in the United States for Organic Spa Magazine, Endangered Species Coalition, Coco Eco, EcoSalon, Reality Sandwich, and other venues. She’s written about America’s remaining wild horses, “under aggressive attack and rapidly disappearing from government-managed, citizen-owned wilderness spaces” and the critically endangered Maui’s Dolphin, a sub-species of the Hector’s Dolphin and the only dolphin endemic to New Zealand, where Zoe spent her teenage years. Helene writes “about environmental devastation, most notably about the plight of New Zealand’s critically endangered Maui’s dolphin, of which a mere 55 survive,” Outside Magazine reported.


Zoe began her career in the performing arts. She is a classically trained artist with higher degrees from the University of North Carolina and Brandeis University and performing and design credits from professional independent theaters and improv comedy venues. Mentorships with legendary costume designer Patricia Zipprodt and master animator John Ewing, whose credits include Jungle Book and 101 Dalmatians, helped shape Zoe creatively.

From 1994 to 1996, Zoe was the artistic director for Millennium Productions, a pioneering interactive agency that produced one of the first comprehensive online communities and the first branded web presences for more than 5,000 artists and 500 art organizations in the pre-dot com era. Clients included The Boston Ballet, Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre, Musician Magazine, Dance Magazine, Cambridge Multicultural Arts, World Music, Very Special Arts, and many more. Zoe played a key role in developing the world's first fully functioning portal process for virtual global creative production, directing a cosmopolitan team of engineers and animators, “drawing inspiration from the arts as well as from artificial intelligence,” Fast Company reported at the time.

As chief creative officer for General Interactive in the late 1990s, Zoe developed projects for blue-chip clients such as American Express, Allstate, the U.S. Senate, IBM, Nike, Calvin Klein, Sprint, Hershey's, Ralston-Purina and Unilever. As chief creative officer for EchoMail from 1999-2002, Zoe worked on the interactive industry’s first and only holistic, scalable enterprise software solution for managing one-to-one electronic communications and dialogue brand marketing campaigns. Her work was featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fast Company, LA Times, The Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal, and the MIT Technology Review. Through VisionRose, the agency she founded in 2002 and ran until 2008, Zoe provided integrated communications and interactive content development for companies in the natural products industry and conventional companies seeking to embrace sustainable business practices.

As an educator, Zoe has presented keynotes and workshops to top-tier corporate executives, including “Working with Evolving Mediums,” “Digital Revolution”, “Collective E-Consciousness,” “Archetypes of the Digital Age,” “Demystification and the Digital Divide,” and “Demeter's Pallet,” a nature-centered visual vocabulary workshop. Most recently, she taught “Psychedelic Feminism,” core concepts and key stages for Plant Spirit Journeying and “Global Sustainable Medicinal Plant Trade,” with a focus on Women + Wilderness + Wildlife at New England Women’s Herbal Conference 30th Anniversary gathering, at Bastyr University, and at The Emerald Cup. She is open to exploring professional consulting and speaking opportunities. Zoe has worked passionately from within the high corporate world to secure support for organizations such as Guggenheim Museum, Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre, World Music, Defenders of Wildlife, Very Special Arts and Read Across America. “Zoe Helene’s success with corporate work, she says, gives her leverage to work also on such causes for which she feels so much passion,” Newsday reported.

Today, Zoe travels to remote regions of the globe with her husband, ethnobotanist Chris Kilham, founder of Medicine Hunter, to promote medicinal plants, environmental protection and cultural preservation and to bear witness to the state of women, wilderness and wildlife. She supports Medicine Hunter by working with media professionals and has worked with NBC Nightly News, CNN Health, Green Flower Media, Business Insider, The Dr. Oz Show, Outside Magazine and many others.


Zoe Helene is an award-winning creative professional with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting & Design from the University of North Carolina and a Master of Fine Arts in Professional Theatre from Brandeis University.