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Cosmic Sister® is a network that connects kindred-spirit women in mutually supportive ways, working collectively toward shared goals while enhancing the personal journey of each individual. Cosmic Sister promotes love, higher consciousness, abundance and creativity, and members pledge to hold each other’s best interests at heart as allies and affiliates. We want to see women shine.

We envision a healthy, life-affirming balance of power between genders, worldwide. We envision a well world where women are fully respected globally, where their voices are heard and respected, and where a natural, healthy, life-affirming gender balance is restored. We believe that many of the world’s most critical problems are a result of a gross gender imbalance that has been sustained for thousands of years. We do not want our species to evolve in the direction we see the majority of human beings choosing, and we wish to be part of a global cultural shift that helps us evolve more rationally and with functioning minds, hearts and spirits with respect and love for other life-forms and the planet we all depend on to survive. We are passionate about helping to protect wilderness spaces and wildlife species that are currently in crisis or threatened.


The women in the Cosmic Sister Tapestry (above) features a few of our Founding Members. Our membership includes leaders, environmentalists, ecopreneurs, experts, animal rights advocates, humanitarians, artists and cultural creatives, scientists and technologists, health and wellness professionals, women in media, writers, artists, dancers, musicians, photographers, midwives, herbalists, farmers, foodies, educators, caregivers, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, and more.


Cosmic Sister has several advocacy projects and educational initiatives in place, including:


By working collectively while respecting the journey of each individual, we have greater power to create better way of life in which all parties truly thrive and to insure we leave behind a world worth inheriting. Please join Cosmic Sister on social media...

Cosmic Sister Plant Spirit Grant Cosmic Sister is developing a new merit-based program supporting outstanding women from all walks of life to experience the healing and consciousness-expanding journey of ayahuasca ceremony in the Peruvian Amazon.

“We women need to rise to the occasion. The ayahuasca experience rebirths, inspires, empowers, and ignites us to do that. The Cosmic Sister Plant Spirit Grant is just one small way women can encourage and support women to take that journey and shine as they were born to do.”Zoe Helene, Boston Magazine

COSMIC SISTER® is Registered Trademark