Cosmic Sister's educational advocacy work would not be possible without community SUPPORT. We deeply appreciate your tax-deductible donation by way of our fiscal sponsorship with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). All contributions made through this form will be allocated to Cosmic Sister, minus modest administrative processing fees.

“MAPS is proud to serve as non-profit fiscal sponsor for Cosmic Sister’s public education work. Women’s voices have been, and will continue to be, essential for ensuring balance in the field as psychedelic science and medicine moves towards cultural legitimacy. By empowering women to share their healing experiences, Cosmic Sister is helping transform public perception of psychedelics.” – Rick Doblin, Ph.D., founder and executive director of MAPS

“We now have excellent science to support millennia of psychedelic use for healing and insight, but the real test of the medicine is personal experience. When Zoe and I bring these groups to the Amazon for ceremonies, we witness real healing and profound breakthroughs. Many who have been part of these groups have shed old burdens and have resolved issues that have dogged them for years. They often get personal questions answered in the medicine space and leave invigorated, inspired and happier.” – Chris Kilham, founder and CEO, Medicine Hunter

True sustainability is a holistic, regenerative act. Because of this, Sambazon will always hand harvest their superfoods in an honest and pragmatic way. They will always use their business model as a vehicle for positive change in the Brazilian Amazon. They will always be certified USDA Organic, Fair Trade, and non-GMO.

Only the purest organic and fair trade ingredients—most products vegan and certified to the same organic standards as food! No synthetic preservatives, no foaming agents. Body, hair, face, mouth & teeth—food, dishes, laundry, mopping, pets—Dr. Bronner’s is the very best for human, home, and Earth.

“Temple of the Way of Light is in full support of powerful women and loves to work with people who want to make a difference in the world. Cosmic Sister’s group will experience the mastery of Shipibo healers, and will benefit not just from ayahuasca, but from their sophisticated system of shamanic healing—an energetically focused, soul-based and spirit-assisted healthcare system.” – Matthew Watherston, co-founder of the Temple of the Way of Light