Chris Kilham with Dona Sophia and maca cake. Peruvian Highlands. Photo by Zoe Helene


Zoe and her husband, ethnobotanist and Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham, work and travel together extensively, exploring remote regions of the globe, working to promote mind/body/spirit wellness, sustainable global trade, environmental protection and cultural preservation.

Cosmic Sister’s Psychedelic Feminism educational advocacy grants are supported in part by Medicine Hunter, which is our partner and primary sponsor.

“Psychedelics help to promote harmony and a profound sense of interconnectedness of all things,” said Chris Kilham, founder of Medicine Hunter. “And that understanding creates a certain obligation and responsibility to acknowledge and promote and maintain that understanding.”


The Ayahuasca Test Pilots are a collaboration of individuals who engage in the ceremonial practice of ayahuasca journeying with skilled shamans. Founded by Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham, our purpose is to journey for healing and to explore the spirit landscape, with dignity and respect for La Medicina.

“Zoe and I were there to dive deeper into the pool of ayahuasca shamanism. Four times in the evening the ayahuasca asked me “So, would you like to see the spirits now?” The first three times I said “Naw, I’m just happy to lie here filled with love, and to hold Zoe’s hand. “Good choice,” it replied.” – Chris Kilham


Cosmic Sister’s founder, Zoe Helene, has traveled with her ethnobotanist husband, Chris Kilham, helping him to conduct plant medicine expeditions in South Africa, the San Blas Islands of Panama, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Hawaii, Jamaica, Vanuatu, Aotearoa (New Zealand), and the Amazon and Peruvian Andes—many times. She supports media, helps to produce field expeditions and bears witness to the state of women, wilderness and wildlife around the world.

Image: Shipibo woman cooking on fire, NBC Nightly News expedition, Amazon. Photo by Zoe Helene


Chris Kilham officiates at cannabis weddings. An expert in medicinal plants and shamanic ceremonies, he also performs cannabis soplars (protective ceremonies) as well as a smudge stick cannabis blessings.

“Cannabis-themed weddings are pretty exuberant right now. I think that we are re-inventing the traditional wedding. Cannabis bars, cannabis bouquets, cannabis smudges and other cannabis-related activities add to a sense that this is a new time, and the old days of booze-only gatherings are just that—old.” - Chris Kilham

Image: Photo by Tracey Eller


Chris Kilham plays an essential role in Zoe's Cosmic Sister Plant Spirit Grant project, which focuses on helping women educate the public honestly about the risks and benefits of psychedelics and cannabis and the responsible use of sacred plants in transformational, consciousness-expanding mind/body/spirit work with sacred plants, such as ayahuasca.

Image: Photo by Tracey Eller


The Amazon rainforest is the greatest of all forests on earth, home to an estimated eighty-thousand higher plants, home to perhaps millions of types of insects, and a broad array of rapidly diminishing populations of rare and unusual animals. Zoe Helene and Chris Kilham are working along with many other dedicated people around the world to help save Earth's precious rainforests before they disappear.

“Most consumers would not chose to buy rainforest-harvested wood if it was clearly marked as such, just as they would not chose to buy GMO foods or child-labor manufactured goods. Why then are companies not required by law to mark rainforest-harvested wood supplies and products?”Zoe Helene, Huffington Post

Image: Photo by Zoe Helene


In 2002 Zoe chose to transition from serving predominately conventional Americana brands to supporting the Natural Products Movement. As an independent she worked with top name brands and provided strategic consulting for The Organic Center, a non-profit organization providing scientific information proving the benefits of organics. It is during this time Zoe met Chris at an industry trade show. She will tell you he was, “Colorful amongst the colorful.”

Image: Tea pluckers in Sri Lanka. Photo courtesy Zhena Muzyka


Nobody lives forever, and empowering young people is essential to the future of all good things. The young people of today will steward tomorrow, all around the world children and young people are bright-eyed, openhearted, hungry for knowledge and full of potential. Providing young people with inspiring mentors and role models whom they can trust, and about preserving precious natural resources and cultural heritage, which they have a right to inherit and we have a responsibility to protect.

Image: Kava country children on the beach on a remote island of Vanuatu. Photo by Zoe Helene


This Medicine Hunter Related Media is a list of selected media events that Zoe Helene took part in and/or supported in the global sustainability work she does with her husband and partner, ethnobotanist and Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham. Helene often travels with media on Medicine Hunter expeditions, supporting journalists, photographers, correspondents and producers before during and after travel. She is sometimes featured in the story, sometimes mentioned, and other times simply supports from the behind the scene. All of this is part of the work, and media means getting the messages out there in the world.

“Media rules our culture. What gets exposure through media becomes known. Ideas, values, habits and lifestyles shift and morph according to what does and does not get exposure through media.” – Chris Kilham

Image: Andean mother and child in maca country, New York Times expedition. Photo by Zoe Helene.