Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance recipient Faye Sakellaridis by Tracey Eller for Cosmic Sister


“Psychedelic Feminism” is a term Cosmic Sister's founder Zoe Helene coined to describe a sub-genre of feminism that embraces the power of psychedelics from an environmentally-minded women’s empowerment perspective.

Cosmic Sister's Psychedelic Feminism educational advocacy initiative encourage women to explore the wilderness within, where they can grow, heal and learn more deeply about themselves, and where they can to explore core feminist issues in fresh and exciting ways. We promote intentional journeying with natural psychedelics in a safe, legal “set and setting,” and we help to bring women’s voices to the forefront in the field of psychedelics (and beyond).

We currently offer an interconnected trio of merit-based educational advocacy grants Psychedelic Feminism—Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance, Cosmic Sisters of Cannabis and the merit-based immersive Plant Spirit Grant—support women’s voices in psychedelics and cannabis. The original Plant Spirit Grant is funded internally. Donations for Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance educational grants are fully tax-deductible through Cosmic Sister’s fiscal sponsor, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).

Zoe believes that women are underrepresented in media within the psychedelic renaissance and cannabis liberation community—“a subculture that aspires to be enlightened.” Through Cosmic Sister, Helene financially supports outstanding, communicative women so they can experience the healing, consciousness expansion, clarity and inspiration that she found through ayahuasca. With funding from Cosmic Sister's Plant Spirit Grant, women can participate in authentic, traditional ayahuasca ceremonies at reputable retreats where Indigenous healers and communities are deeply respected and supported in real-world ways that matter.

One aspect of Psychedelic Feminism is to promote diversity and gender equality in the psychedelic field. Another dimension of Psychedelic Feminism is to promote individual empowerment and self-realization through intentional work with psychedelic allies from nature in a safe, legal set and setting.

Psychedelic Feminism is also about supporting a balanced representation of female voices in Cannabis Liberation and the Psychedelic Renaissance. Our approach is informed, strong, direct—and positive—we are interested in helping to move the conversation forward in a civilized and productive manner, through educational advocacy. We value actions over words, and YES(!) we are making a difference.

“When women support women, our power to create positive change rises in the collective consciousness. When more men choose to be allies, and that is demonstrated through actions, then hope doesn’t feel like wishful thinking. We can foster women’s voices until a true balance emerges, and only then will the psychedelic journey be fully reflected in our community.” - Zoe Helene, founder, Cosmic Sister

Women have been forced to work within a broken system with an extreme power imbalance for millennia. This imbalance has warped and continues to warp the way we are evolving as a species. Our voices matter. Two companion educational grants, Cosmic Sisters of Cannabis and the Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance fund and support Plant Spirit Grant recipients—and other female psychedelic thought leaders—as they educate the public about the benefits and risks of psychedelics and responsible use of sacred plants, including ayahuasca, cannabis and psilocybin, through articles, presentations and public outreach projects.

Cosmic Sister's Psychedelic Feminism advocacy projects have been in a wide range of Media.

These projects would not be possible without community support. We deeply appreciate your donation by way of our fiscal sponsorship with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). Your donation to MAPS for Cosmic Sister is tax-deductible in the U.S. as allowed by law. All contributions made through this form will be allocated to Cosmic Sister, minus modest (and totally fair!) administrative processing fees.

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Women play a vital role in the movement and have unique and fascinating voices to share. Our mission is to see more powerful stories about women’s frontline work in this arena to the forefront of public conversation, helping to promote a healthy gender balance in this important, exciting frontier in wellness. Towards this end, Psychedelic Feminism by Cosmic Sister currently offers three interconnected grant programs in the psychedelic feminism and sacred plant medicine space. Please find a brief description of each, below:


Our Plant Spirit Grant is a merit-based program that supports outstanding women from all walks of life and in different times of life to experience the healing and consciousness-expanding journey of ayahuasca ceremony in the Peruvian Amazon. Ayahuasca, a traditional psychedelic brew, is not only legal in Peru, it is designated as a “Cultural Treasure” by the Peruvian government.

IMAGE: 2018 Plant Spirit Grant recipient Caitlin Moakley at Temple of The Way of Light. Photo by Tracey Eller


Our Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance educational advocacy projects covers women in psychedelics, and helps women educate the public honestly about the risks and benefits of psychedelics and responsible work with sacred plants (and fungi) in transformational, self-liberating, consciousness-expanding mind-body-spirit work with natural psychedelic medicines such as ayahuasca, cannabis, peyote, iboga and psilocybin mushrooms. We currently offer grants in support of presentations, writing, and photography.

IMAGE: Shipibo Maestro Estella Pangosa Sinacay, Peruvian Amazon. Photo by Tracey Eller / Cosmic Sister


Our Cosmic Sisters of Cannabis educational advocacy projects covers women in cannabis liberation, and offers merit-based grants that help women educate the public honestly about cannabis as medicine and more. We are interested in cannabis as a holistic medicine, in promoting safe, responsible intentional work, and environmental issues such earth-friendly growing processes, and social justice issues such as legalization, gender quality, equal opportunity, accessibility, and racial disparity. We currently offer grants in support of presentations, writing, and photography.

IMAGE: Susan Sheldon, cannabis harvest. Photo by Tracey Eller / Cosmic Sister

Psychedelic Feminism by Cosmic Sister—Honoring the Project by Paying Respect

Psychedelic Feminism, a Cosmic Sister initiative, is a term Zoe Helene coined and a hashtag we’ve popularized with the intent to name and empower a movement. It's also something we’ve put a lot of personal resources into. It's not that we don't want others to use it, but rather that we feel respected when we're credited as inspiration.

Acknowledgement matters. It's not just about ethics, it's also about respect.

It's a little like pulling a work of art from the Internet and publishing it without crediting the artist. That's so easy to do in this day and age, and many, many people don’t even know that's uncool. (It is also illegal under copyright laws.) By simply tipping the hat to the artist/author/creator with a tag or hashtag, you are showing your appreciation for their work, training, talent, time, etc., thus supporting them in the digital world in a very real way.

We encourage our supporters to help maintain the integrity of the term Psychedelic Feminism by observing the core principles. Represent the Medicine, ladies!

When you show your support by crediting the creator of the term and hashtag #psychedelicfeminism and #psychedelicfeminist, you are a Cosmic Sister. However, when you use Psychedelic Feminism in association with a professional project (your "brand," essentially) and without a reference to us, that’s piracy for profit. Not only is that not in the spirit of Psychedelic Feminism, it also runs counter to the work we are trying to accomplish.

In order to continue to do this work, we have to defend the term so we can continue to do this work. We're ramping up our Psychedelic Feminism grants and educational advocacy projects because they’re working! We are helping to promote much-needed changes—more women, more diversity in psychedelics! Cosmic Sister needs to be the first thing sponsors see when they google “Psychedelic Feminism” or check out our hashtag. That’s part of how they determine our value.

If you think the hashtag is cool and are inspired to use it because you relate—that’s wonderful. We are proud of it, so thank you very much for the compliment, and we hope we become allies.

Please use the hashtag, as others are doing, with a tip of the hat to Cosmic Sister (#cosmcsister and/or #zoehelene), because that supports the work we’re doing for literally thousands of women and shows women you honor woman's contributions to the movement. It will get you the attention of audiences we have worked hard to develop, but in a respectful manner.


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Donations for Cosmic Sisters of Cannabis and the Cosmic Sister Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance education initiatives are tax-deductible in the U.S. through our fiscal sponsor, The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). Thank you for your SUPPORT.


For more information about the Cosmic Sister Plant Spirit Grant, please see Frequently Asked Questions.


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