We are building a great core team of women and have some powerful, talented women in place.

Core Team

Please note: All women are listed in the order that they became part of the Core Team. They're all AWESOME and there's no hierarchy.

Zoe Helene
Founder + Chief Visionary Officer

Robyn Lawrence
Editor + Writer

Tracey Eller

Sandra Garcia
Spanish Translator + Interpreter + Artist

Caitlin Moakley
Special Assistant to the Founder

Expert Advisory Circle

Cosmic Sister’s Expert Advisory Circle is composed of creative and accomplished women who are well connected and eager to see the project expand. Please note: All women are listed in the order that they joined the circle. They're all AWESOME and there's no hierarchy. If you would like to be on in the Expert Advisory Circle, please reach out.

Karen Farrell
Midwife, Plant Medicine Advocate, Natural Products Entrepreneur + Expert

Lynda LeMole
Environmentalist, Herbalist, Plant Medicine Advocate, Natural Products Pioneer + Expert

Angela May McElwee
Natural Products Leader, Plant Medicine Expert + Advocate

Susan Sheldon
Landscape Architect, Master Gardener, Cannabis Advocate, Practices Authentic Movement

Jane Westgate
Media Relations Expert, Marketing + Communications

Robyn Lawrence
Editor + Writer + Expert in Cannabis Cooking, Natural Products, Organic + Sustainable Lifestyle, Wabi-Sabi

PlantWisdom Practitioner, Environmentalist, Visionary Convergence Founder

Kateri Walker
Performing Artist, Tribal member of the Chippewa of the Thames First Nation, Ontario, Canada, and the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan

Rachael Carlevale
Yoga and Cannabis Educator, Sex Educator + Mindful Living Educator

Kathleen Barnes
Writing + Editing + Health + Wellness + Human Rights

Marie Frohlich
Herbalism + Health + Wellness

Eleanor Kuntz, PhD
Cannabis Genetics + Herbalism + Environment + Sustainability

Violeta Villacorta
Fashion Designer + Philanthropist + Rainforest Conservation + Cultural Preservation

Selma C. Holden
Medical Doctor + Integrative Family Physician, Educator + Cannabis Yogi

Sandra Garcia
Spanish Translator + Interpreter + Artist

Sheri Eckert
Actvist + Professional Counselor + Chief Petitioner of Oregon’s historic 2020 Psilocybin Service Initiative, otherwise known as PSI 2020 (@ops_oregonpsilocybinsociety)

Elizabeth Bast
Author + Poet + Yoga + Meditation Teacher, Holistic Life Coach specializing in Entheogenic Medicine Integration (@enectarbast)

Mary Porter
Descendant of the Nez Perce; Yakama, Wasco tribes, President/CEO Looking Glass Peyote Church of Oregon

Andrea Langlosis
Psychedelic Advocate + Educator, Director of Engagement at The International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research & Service (ICEERS)

Jenny Rose Cundari
Naturopathic Physician + Women’s Health + Mental Health: Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, PTSD + Botanical Medicine + Somatic Integration (@@drjennycundari)

Claudia J. Ford
Ethnobotanist + Indigenous Knowledge + Gender Studies + International Business + Environmental Justice + Environmental Literature

Deirdre Nehua
Māori Matakite “seer”, Poet, Activist

Martina Hoffmann
Fine Artist + Painter + Sculptress + Visionary Realism + Public Speaker + Educator

Tammi Sweet
Herbalist + Massage Therapist + Neurobiologist + Endocrinologist + Educator (@heartstonectr)

Soma Phoenix
Psychedelic Life Coach + Public Speaker + Educator (@psillygirls)

Samantha Retrosi
Ayahuasca Facilitator, Yogi, Sociologist

Creative Contributors

Cosmic Sister’s membership is a vast and diverse network of accomplished creative, communications and media professionals and experts in the fields of mind/body/spirit wellness, plant spirit medicine, ethnobotany, herbalism, human rights, animal rights, arts and sciences, psychedelics, cannabis liberation, environmental protection, natural products and sustainable lifestyle, progressive integrated medicine, psychology and much more. Cosmic Sister content contributors are selected by our core team or nominated by other members.

We also award working grants to qualified applicants on a per-project basis, as funding allows. The women above have been awarded Cosmic Sisters of Cannabis and/or Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance educational grant awards for creating and/or presenting premium content eductating the public about the benefits and risks of psychedelics and responsible use of sacred plants, including ayahuasca, cannabis and psilocybin, through articles, presentations and public outreach projects. Stay tuned for much more.