Robyn Griggs Lawrence by Tracey Eller for Cosmic Sister

Cosmic Sister Robyn Griggs Lawrence

Writer, Editor, Cannabis Educator and Advocate, Mom
Year born: 1964
Year of grant: 2013 (49 when received grant)

Robyn Lawrence, a writer/editor and cannabis educator/advocate, was 49 when a Cosmic Sister grant sent her to Peru for the first time. During those initial encounters with ayahuasca, Robyn felt a lifelong emotional wound—the death of her father before she was born—begin to heal. Robyn found herself—surprisingly, and without effort or inner turmoil—shedding unhealthy emotional and physical manifestations of that wound, including an eating disorder, that had plagued her for much of her life.

Robyn’s ceremonial ayahuasca experiences helped provide insight and guidance on her path to become an advocate for wellness through responsible cannabis use. Robyn realized during her second trip to Peru that her mission is to educate people about how to safely and responsibly prepare and imbibe organic, sustainably grown cannabis for health and wellbeing—and that this was the next important extension of her work promoting healthy, natural lifestyles. She came home from the Amazon—to Boulder, Colorado—and signed a book deal. Two years later her gorgeous, groundbreaking cookbook The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, was published. It has been featured in Bloomberg Business, The Guardian, Fast Company, The Huffington Post, The Chicago Sun-Times, Food Republic, Eater, Publisher’s Weekly, and the Boulder Daily Camera, among others. Robyn, a seasoned public speaker in the natural lifestyle space, was sponsored by the Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance to present “Cannabis Is a Superfood” at Visionary Convergence in Los Angeles.

“Before ayahuasca, I spent my life trying to find the love I thought I was born without, clutching desperately to the ghost of a father I never knew. Mama Aya showed me that it was no longer necessary to live in the extremes and on the edges to get the attention of a dead father. I found forgiveness, strength and a deep reservoir of love within myself. Wrapped in ayahuasca’s grace, I no longer feel the need to deprive myself—or others—of food or love.”Robyn Griggs Lawrence

People tend to think you have to be an experienced chef or have a long history in cannabis to make your own cannabis-infused foods and drinks. But what if it was MUCH easier than you thought? What if you could make incredible cannabis-infused foods easily and quickly? In fact, there are countless ways to harness cannabis’s flavorful and therapeutic qualities.In this Greenflower Learning video 5 Benefits of Cooking with Cannabis cannabis cuisine expert Robyn Lawrence reveals how simple cooking with cannabis can be.

“Cooking with cannabis can be a life-saver for people who have medical conditions or compromised immune systems. For a lot of people, cannabis-infused food delivers the medicine their bodies need – with or without the psychoactive effects. Cooking is really one of the healthiest ways to get the substance without putting your lungs at risk.” Robyn Griggs Lawrence

Plant Spirit Grant 2013
Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance 2015
Cosmic Sisters of Cannabis 2015