Medicine Path PODCAST

Psychedelic Feminism with Cosmic Sister Zoe Helene (PODCAST)
Medicine Path Yoga
with Brian James
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Zoe Helene, M.F.A., is a classically trained artist, cultural activist and psychedelic feminist, working for women’s self-liberation, healing and empowerment through intentional journeying with natural psychedelics. Bearing witness to the state of women, wilderness and wildlife as a frontline sustainability advocate called Zoe to found Cosmic Sister (@CosmicSister), an eco-feminist advocacy group promoting a balance of power between genders as the only way to a system in which all parties (human and non-human) thrive.

Host Brian James is a yoga teacher, musician and artist currently living in Montréal, Canada. He has been exploring the intersection of music, yoga and shamanism for over 20 years.

August 2018