Robyn Griggs Lawrence. Photo by Tracey Eller for Cosmic Sister

Why a Volleyball Mom Wrote a Cannabis Cookbook
by Robyn Griggs Lawrence

Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook author Robyn Griggs Lawrence explains why she’s proud to be a canna-mom

I’ve answered a lot of questions since the release of my book, The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, in 2015. Family members, friends, reporters, acquaintances and strangers want to know why I cook with cannabis and, sometimes, how they can, too. A surprising number of people don’t even realize that they can cook with the herb.

People who knew me as a volleyball mom and natural living advocate ask why I would write a book promoting use of a substance that’s illegal in most of the world (but not in my home state, Colorado). People ask how my social life has changed since I began speaking and publishing about cannabis.

When you go public, you get a lot of questions about your private life. I answer as best I can.

May 2017