International Women’s Day

Psychedelic Feminism—Mysteries + The Moon
Society for the Application of Psychedelics
University College London

International Women’s Day: March 8th, 2021 at 6pm GMT | 1pm EST | 11am PST, with host Alexandre Piot

Cultural activist Zoe Helene, MFA, founded the environmental feminism collective Cosmic Sister (@CosmicSister) and originated the term Psychedelic Feminism, a sub-genre of feminism that embraces the power of psychedelic plants and fungi—such as ayahuasca, peyote, iboga, San Pedro cactus, psilocybin mushrooms and cannabis—as nature’s co-evolutionary allies. She advocates for intentional journeying with these medicines in a safe, legal set and setting, from a women’s healing, empowerment, and self-liberation perspective.

Zoe is a spiritual agnostic with a passion for cultural and biological diversity, global consciousness, and archetypal psychology as the Language of Psyche. Her matrilineal ancestry is Indigenous Hellenes (Greek), a passionate, tribal people in diaspora who developed complex, nature-based pre-Christian spiritual traditions, including sophisticated sacred plant medicine ceremonies and universal language that remains profoundly relevant to the human condition today, especially for shamanic and personal journeying. Zoe advocates for the arts and sciences as essential allies, and she inspires people to nurture their imaginations and temporarily suspend disbelief when working intentionally with psychedelics.

For International Women’s Day, Zoe will show how archetypes are an essential universal language (like music, math, visual art, dance) that is highly relevant to the psychedelic experience, sharing herstorical wisdom from her ancestral line and focusing on the mysterious Moon as the most complex archetype of the human condition expressed through the divine feminine. She will start with the moon, then move outwards, exploring time as continuum, infinity, times of life, times for critical choice, and much more.

We will explore archetypes as the Language of Psyche; HERstory, as embodied in the moon as archetypal Divine Feminine; the concept of fluid time and opportune moment; the moon and path of life, thread of life, and tapestry of life; archetypes as a universal and shamanic language; Underworld Queen archetypes and archetypes who travel between worlds; and the benefits of suspending disbelief for ceremony and personal psychedelic work.

Thank you, George Blackburne for the recommendation!

Tinya Chang is an MSci Neuroscience student at University College London and president of UCL Society for the Application of Psychedelics. She grew up in Taiwan, home to the DMT-containing Acacia confusa. Tinya has a strong interest in neuropsychopharmacology, the molecular basis of psychiatric disorders, and the biological mechanisms underlying consciousness. Her current research at UCL Division of Psychiatry is focused on developmental trauma, psychosis, and cannabidiol.

Alexandre Piot (@alex_piott) was born and raised in Washington D.C. and completed his bachelor's degree in Neuroscience at Concordia University in Montreal. He is now doing a master's in Experimental Pharmacology and Therapeutics at University College London. As Academic Event Officer at the Society for the Application of Psychedelics, he oversees the organization of events to promote psychedelic research, harm reduction, and education. He believes psychedelics are a fascinating topic that touches upon a huge variety of fields and are largely underused. His main interests lie in understanding and advancing the application of psychedelics ethically and responsibly to help people struggling with mental illness and exploring the neural correlates of consciousness.

March 2021