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Zoe Helene by Tracey Eller

Psychedelic Feminism—Gaia's Co-Evolutionary Allies
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Psychedelics have the power to help us rapidly evolve from a cultural or behavioral perspective so we can be better citizens of Earth as a species, which starts with hundreds, then thousands, then millions, then billions of individual revolutions within.

Creating a true balance of power across the gender spectrum—globally—is the only way humans (and non-humans) will survive, and that it is our moral responsibility, as Earth’s apex predators, to protect and defend the rights of non-humans to live freely in thriving, uncompromised wilderness sanctuaries.

Psychedelics can help women access the wilderness of our psyches, in part to identify, explore, and hopefully heal unhealthy roots of human suffering, such as wounds and disempowering social programming related to surviving and thriving within—and rising in resistance of—global male-dominance. Females carry trauma from violent misogynist actions such as rape as well as a multitude of compounded wounds from a steady bombardment of systemic sexist messaging. Everyone is harmed by the patriarchal, power-over model—everyone across the gender spectrum.

“The more I do this work,” she says, “The more compassion I feel for males (and individuals who identify as anywhere on the gender spectrum), who bear scars from their own screwed-up gender socialization just like women do.”

About Zoe

Zoe Helene is an artist, environmentalist, and cultural activist best known for women's empowerment through sacred plants such as cannabis, ayahuasca, peyote, and psilocybin mushrooms—our co-evolutionary allies—through Psychedelic Feminism, a term she coined and popularized.

Zoe's work with sacred plants deepens her determination to help protect the earth’s diverse biological abundance. She founded Cosmic Sister (@CosmicSister), an environmental feminist collective for progressives who understand that the grossly imbalanced “power-over” patriarchal model will continue to lead humans down a devolutionary path ending in the destruction of life on Earth as we know it. Cosmic Sister’s Psychedelic Feminism educational advocacy projects promote sacred plant spirit medicines as a way to jump-start rapid cultural evolution, starting with women.

Zoe is a spiritual agnostic with a passion for cultural and biological diversity, global consciousness, and archetypal psychology, as the “Language of Psyche.” Her ancestors were proud tribal people who developed deep, sophisticated pre-Christian nature-based spiritual traditions, including sacred psychedelic plant medicine traditions, and survived genocide, persecution, oppression, and diaspora. Her medicine work includes exploring ancestral trauma and loss of cultural identity through dominator religions, diaspora, and xenophobia-driven assimilation.

Zoe has been featured in Forbes, Bust Magazine, Sensi Magazine (cover story), BBC, VICE, Vice | Broadly, Vice | Tonic, LA Yoga, Playboy, Outside Magazine, New York Magazine, Boston Magazine, Psymposia, PRØHBTD, Psychedelic Times, Psychedelics Today, Organic Authority, The Journal for the Study of Radicalism a peer-reviewed academic journal, and many more. She has also been interviewed in popular podcasts such as Psychedelic Salon, The Her(b) Life Session, Adventures Through the Mind, Pathways, The Third Wave, In A Perfect World, Abstract Notions, Medicine Path, People Making Change, and more.

July 2020