Zoe Helene Cosmic Sister by Tracey Eller

Psychedelic Feminism by Cosmic Sister: Interview with Zoe Helene
Psychedelic Times
by Wesley Thoricatha

Zoe Helene founded Cosmic Sister, an ecocentric feminist educational advocacy group fiscally sponsored by MAPS. Psychedelic Feminism by Cosmic Sister grants educational advocacy awards to women speakers, writers, and photographers in the psychedelic community in support of women’s voices in the field (and beyond). I talked with Zoe about her background; why the arts and sciences, ecological awareness, feminism, and diversity are so important, and what Cosmic Sister is doing to bring underrepresented voices in the psychedelic space.

“When I talk about feminism in psychedelics, what I’m really getting to is a very basic diversity dimension that we have not yet achieved in the psychedelic community. Humans are diverse in gender and heritage, and that needs to be reflected in the psychedelic community. There is a disproportionate number of silver-haired males (who mostly identify as “cis white”) with stronghold power positions in this movement. Many of those men are loving and extraordinary—I’m married to one of them—and this isn’t at all about dissing or dethroning them. This is about balance. We’re interested in educating ethical leaders in the community about the various forms of sexism we endure, including subtle forms, and how that sexism hurts the movement as well as individuals. We’re also open to confronting sexual misconduct because it’s simply unacceptable in a community of truth-seekers promoting higher consciousness.” - Zoe Helene

Wesley Thoricatha is a writer, visionary artist, permaculture designer, and committed advocate for psychedelic therapy as a means to a more meaningful and harmonious world.

January 2019