Julia Demillones Moore

Julia Demillones Moore, pelvic steam practitioner, wins Cosmic Sister Special Talent Scholarship
Cosmic Sister
Special Talent Scholarship: MICRODOSING

“Women often suffer silently, and this is something many women can do for themselves right at home.”

Congratulations, Julia Demillones Moore (@plantingtemperance / @moonbeamsteams), received a merit-based Cosmic Sister Special Talent Scholarship to participate in the 6-week online course, “The Microdosing Movement,” organized by Cosmic Sister Danielle Negrin, executive director of the San Francisco Psychedelic Society (@psychedelicsocietysf).

Based in Montague, MA, Julia is a vaginal/pelvic steam practitioner at Moonbeam Steams (@moonbeamsteams), where she guides women through healthy home steaming, “a gentle and non-invasive way to support women’s menstrual and pelvic health” that entails squatting over herb-infused hot water, and offers postpartum doula care to local and international clients, virtually and in person (once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted). “Women often suffer silently, and this is something many women can do for themselves right at home,” she says.

Pelvic steaming helps women’s health and empowerment because it intentionally connects them with their cycles, says Julia, who trained at the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute. “We are cyclical beings, and capitalism and modern life don’t support that, and steaming can be a way to honor the cycles we live in. I also love how this practice is a beautiful ritual that is made from the elements and works with them to honor ourselves: earth (herbs) + fire(heat) + water + air(steam)! As a mother, birthkeeper, postpartum doula, and folk herbalist, I am confident navigating the nuances of steaming protocols and herbs.”

Julia received a Cosmic Sister Plant Spirit Grant in 2015 and traveled to the Peruvian Amazon with Cosmic Sister's founder, Zoe Helene, to experience ayahuasca in a traditional indigenous setting at Nihue Rao Centro Espirtual (@nihuerao), where she “reclaimed her roots as a sister of the Earth.” She received a clear message from the ayahuasca, she says. “I am one with the Earth, and I can't untangle myself from it. When I'm hurting, the Earth is hurting. When the Earth is hurting, I am hurting.”

Julia earned a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Food and Farming from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

December 2020