Welcome! Please read about Cosmic Sister's Psychedelic Feminism and Frequently Asked Questions before filling out this application so you understand which grant/s you are applying for, then please read the following notes carefully before applying. Thank you.

Dearest Cosmic Sisters! WE HAVE REACHED OUR MAX at this point, so WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING GRANT APPLICATIONS until further notice. You are important to us, so we hope that you will join us on Social Media for updates and announcements. With Love, Zoe and the Cosmic Sisterhood.


1. These are competitive merit-based grants so please take some time with your application.

2. Please apply using either a laptop or desktop. You may include links to videos and sound files but the majority of your application should be in written words.

3. Please share personally about yourself. Note: We don't select applicants based solely on a list of formal degrees and professional credentials. While we do respect and acknowledge those types of accomplishments, we are also interested in supporting a diverse range of women's voices. The nature of your heart and mind and what you seek to share with and contribute to the world is what we are most interested in learning about.

4. You do not have to be in the field of psychedelics or cannabis professionally. We welcome outstanding women from most professions, as well as students, "un-retired" elders and more. (Note: At the moment we are especially interested in applicants who are professionally dedicated to protecting wildlife and wilderness).

5. Your online presence is important, so please send links to your website (if you have one) and to any social media venues you keep up to date. This year a mindfully developed Linkedin profile is a requirement, so please do not submit your application until you have one in place.

6. We need to see a link directing us to a clear, recent photo of you. Please DO NOT submit your application without one.

7. We will walk you through the process, so please don't worry about grant details. Details matter to us, so we promise we'll get to that as we go along.

8. We are about promoting positive messages about safe, legal, natural psychedelics. If you are not willing to be public (with your real name) about your interest in this progressive mind-body-spirit movement, please do not apply.

9. Social Media is the best way to keep in touch. Thank you.

Thank you, and good luck!

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