Photo by MaryBeth Lafferty / Cosmic Sister

Portraits of the Green Goddess
Cosmic Sisters of Cannabis
MaryBeth Lafferty

Cosmic Sisters of Cannabis award-winner, MaryBeth Lafferty, a Canadian photographer who supports cannabis liberation movement, has created inspired original images to accompany an interview of Salimeh Tabrizi, the visionary behind the Cannabis Hemp Conference, Canada's only women-run cannabis conference.

About MaryBeth

MaryBeth Lafferty’s interest in plant medicine started at the age of 30 when she left an abusive relationship and was seeking out various modalities of healing. It was cannabis and exploring movement that helped her get through the first few years adjusting to life as an independant woman. Growing up, MaryBeth was raised Christian and left the religion in her early 20’s, turning her back on spirituality altogether. Plant medicine helped her start peeling back the layers of resistance she had built up, and her eyes were opened further to consciousness on a trip to Bali where she experienced the healing powers of dance, sound healing, meditation, and sacred ceremony.

After graduating from Trinity Western University in British Columbia, Canada, MaryBeth spent the first part of her career working in marketing capacities for various organizations, but it often left her feeling empty, like there was more she was supposed to be doing. A few years ago, she pursued her passion for creation, and became a full time photographer, an art medium she finds very meditative, especially out in nature. Since then she has also worked with various cannabis brands, and has been involved in a number of cannabis magazines in different roles, from photographer to writer to editor in chief.

MaryBeth has spent the last few years contemplating her shadow self and more recently, she’s been examining how our greatest growth comes from our broken places. She says, “The universe was continuing to give me gentle nudges, to go deeper, to tune into my purpose, and open my eyes. Then it delivered a crisis to wake me up, and while I’m still healing from that, I realize it may be the greatest gift in disguise, for now my eyes are wide open and I’m listening and ready to change over to a service capacity in my life. I used to think I was a person, a body, with a soul hovering above me or within me. Now I recognize I’m a spiritual being, in a human body, here to learn and serve and love while I’m on this earth.”

April 2017