Mary Averill with Shaman Estella at DreamGlade. Photo by Tracey Eller / Cosmic Sister

Mary Averill
Cosmic Sister Plant Spirit Grant (2015)
Cosmic Sister
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Mary is a mother, artist and social worker living and working in Western, MA. Mary’s life’s journey has been informed by her passion to comprehend the complexity of human nature. From the corners of the world to the streets of the inner city, she has explored the many faces of people, either through the lens of her camera or through the compassion of her heart.

Mary’s artistic endeavors have included photo editor for Christo’s The Gates Central Park, 1st place for the Lucie IPA Awards 2005, participant of solo and group photographic shows including the International Center for Photography, Festiwal Stzuka 1 Documentacja, Lodz Poland as well as Intermedia Performances at Emily Harvey Gallery NYC 2009 and Live Action NYC 2010.

In addition to art making, Mary is a social worker who is “passionate about making the lives of others better.” In addition, she has initiated many projects that bring her art and social work together both in the US and abroad.

November 2015