Cannabis is a psychedelic

On Cannabis’s Psychedelic Potential
by Michelle Janikian

“Cannabis is a psychedelic,” Zoe Helene, Cosmic Sister Founder tells me. My mind flashes back to a 6 am bus ride I took from New York to Portland, Maine. I ate a strong edible to fall asleep and ended up tripping out every time I closed my eyes. “Hmm,” I respond. She goes on to tell me about her first time smoking the drug at the age of 21, a bong hit threw her into a full-on psychedelic experience. Sure, I also never tripped as hard on cannabis as my first few times, but still I’m skeptical. How could this plant that’s been my closest ally for more than 10 years be a potent psychedelic substance?

Michelle also writes for @DoubleBlindMag and she recently wrote “Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion,” available now at @ulyssespress

February 2020