Blue Morpho Butterfly, Amazon Rainforest.

The Feminist Who Helps Women Find Their Voices With Psychedelic Plants
The Wisdom Daily
by Fiona Tapp
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Zoe Helene is a “psychedelic feminist” and uses ayahuasca to help women to find their voice. Through her organization, Cosmic Sister, she awards feminism grants for workshops and journeys in the Amazon jungle.

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She teaches that this work on personal improvement requires an honest and deep exploration of self.

Zoe Helene’s practice is intentional, thoughtful, and safe. She will not promote unhealthy or addictive behaviors and advocates, beyond all else, for responsible journeying.

Experiencing the power of ayahuasca in its natural setting of the Amazon, is not only preferable to using it in the US because of issues of legality (DMT, which can be extracted from the plant, is a controlled Schedule 1 drug by the DEA) Ayahuasca is not only completely legal in Peru, but is actually revered and designated as a “Cultural Patrimony” by the Peruvian government.

“They’re proud of it, as they should be because it’s a treasure.” Zoe Helene says.

May 2017