Cosmic Sister Violeta Villacorta. Photo by Carol Jahshan

Cosmic Sister Violeta Villacorta

Eco fashion designer Violeta Villacorta’s membership in the world family has cultivated a designer with a remarkably eclectic vision. She sees all the “flavors” of the world as something to embrace, to learn from and to respect, as these differences are what create harmony in the world. Her gypsetter spirit is defined in every piece of her bohemian fashion, eco designs and personal style.

Violeta Villacorta is the creator of ORG by vio. Organic Rainforest Goods by Violeta & Indigenous Organizations Amazon Eco Fashion for the Love of People, Planet & Culture. An alternative to the conventional fashion and jewelry industries. Working in partnership with indigenous Amazon communities to promote their arts and crafts, while generating a sustainable economy through their traditional artistry to ensure they remain the stewards of the forests.

Visit the Violeta Villacorta Website
Visit the ORG by vio Website