Dismantling Patriarchy in Psychedelics

Dismantling Patriarchy in Psychedelics
D.C. Psychedelic Society
with Ifetayo Harvey and Friends

A conversation about patriarchy, discrimination, and consent.


-Ifetayo Harvey, Drug Policy Alliance
-Queen Adesuyi, Drug Policy Alliance
-Oriana Mayorga, Seed Song Farm, St James Methodist Episcopal Church

Moderated by:

-Amna Hussein, The National Conference for Women in Cannabis

Topics include:

-Sexism and racism in psychedelic advocacy
-Drug use & sexual consent
-Social & professional consequences of exposing abusers
-How to create healthier, inclusive spaces for psychedelic use & advocacy

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Many thanks to our sponsor Cosmic Sister. We appreciate your support in making this panel happen. :) #psychedelicfeminism #cosmicsister #zoehelene

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August 2018