Julia Moore on location in the Peruvian Amazon. Photo by Tracey Eller for Cosmic Sister


Note: These wonderful women are listed in the order that grants awarded. We love them all-!

Rachael Carlevale
Yogi, Cannabis Ecopreneur, Sex Educator

Amy Love
Ecopreneur, Beekeeper, Organic Homesteader, Mother

Robyn Griggs Lawrence
Writer, Editor, Cannabis Educator and Advocate, Mother

Susan Sheldon
Landscape Architect, Plantswoman, Cannabis Advocate, Dancer, Mother

Laura Marjorie Miller
Writer, Explorer

Tracey Eller
Photographer, Foodie, Traveler

Marina Goldman
Nurse Practitioner, Human Rights Activist, Mother

Julia Moore
Organic Flower Farmer, Floral Designer, Mother

Mary Averill
Traveler, Social Worker, Photographer, Mother

Faye Sakellaridis
Writer, Musician, Composer

Selma Holden
Integrative Medical Doctor, Educator, Mother

Sandra Garcia
Spanish Translator and Interpreter, Artist

Katie Bain
Journalist (electronic music, culture and travel)

Nese Devenot
Psychedelic Scholar, Educator, Mother

Julia Asadorian
Integrative Health Sciences Student, Musician

Dawn Musil
Ethnobotany Student, Explorer, Beekeeper

Hayley Prescott
Whole Plant Medicine Scientist, Student, Hiker

Caitlin Moakley
Natural Products Professional, Environmentalist, Cannabis Advocate

Leia Friedman
Psychologist, Psychology Professor, Psychedelics Advocate

Elisbeth Sheldon
Sustainability Professional, Environmentalist

Sabrina Pilet-Jones
Community Artist, Certified Doula, Urban Farmer, Mother

Sarah Baldwin
Herbalist, Author, Environmentalist

Chioma Nwosu
Yogi, Massage Therapist, Social Justice Activist

Dawn D. Davis
PhD Candidate, Peyotist, Mother

Crystal Hamby
Herbalist, Educator

Kristine Anne
Filmmaker, Cannabis Advocate, Animal Rights Advocate

Sandra “Sandy” Griffin
Artist, Illustrator, Author, Educator, Mother, Grandmother

Marie Frohlich
Herbalist, Health and Wellness Coach, Mother

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