Katie Bain (Plant Spirit Grant 2016) on location in the Peruvian Amazon. Photo by Tracey Eller

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Cosmic Sister | Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance
by Katie Bain

Los Angeles-based journalist Katie Bain (33), born and raised in Wisconsin, writes about electronic music, culture and travel (her passions) for Billboard, L.A. Weekly, The Rattling Wall, Beatport News and more. “The intersection of music and psychedelics has become the sweet spot in my professional coverage because it’s one of the places where all these things meet,” she said. “While in Peru, my intention is to use the space to explore new artistic and creative realms and work with whatever other scenarios present themselves.” Bain was also awarded a Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance journalism grant to develop an immersive travel article about her experience. (@bainofyrexstnce)

“One of the (many many) incredible things about the Peru trip was the way it reinforced the vital importance of emotional intelligence and indigenous traditions, two things that have long been disregarded and oppressed. One of the reasons ayahuasca is such a powerful experience is because it uses ancient technology to foster rapid-paced emotional development. I believe this emotional intelligence is essential to fixing many of the problems currently facing humanity. In this way, ayahuasca is kind of like a fuck you to the patriarchy, which has long held the position that emotions are for weak females and that native wisdom is worthless. Knowing that the opposite is true makes me feel more empowered and effective as a woman and a human person.” – Katie Bain

Cosmic Sister brings women’s voices to the forefront in the field of psychedelics through a series of interconnected, merit-based psychedelic feminism grants. The Plant Spirit Grant financially supports passionate, communicative, creative women to participate in authentic, legal ayahuasca ceremonies in the Peruvian Amazon. A companion grant, Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance, supports women to share their experience upon returning home. All seven women have received Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance educational grants, and five have been awarded Plant Spirit Grants, which cover the costs of staying at the retreats.

UPDATE: Katie's story will be published as part of her new book, which is currently in development.

December 2019