Zoe Helene with Cannabis. Photo by Tracey Eller for Cosmic Sister

Psychedelic Feminism and Male Allies
The Third Wave | Podcast
with Paul Austin

Podcast Summary:

Zoe Helene, psychedelic feminist and cultural activist, joins us to talk sacred plant medicines, cultural preservation, and the importance of diversity in psychedelic communities. Zoe shares how her experiences with ayahuasca have influenced her world view, especially around “plant spirit,” and the importance of preserving indigenous cultural traditions. We also discuss the far-reaching damages that have resulted from patriarchal oppression, and how the psychedelic renaissance is not immune.

Podcast Highlights:

- How experiences with ayahuasca can enhance a connection to other plant medicines
- How women aren’t the only victims of (patriarchal) dominator cultures
- The importance of encouraging more diversity in psychedelic spaces

The Third Wave

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About Paul Austin: As an entrepreneur and avid psychedelic explorer, Paul believes in the power of rational dialogue and community engagement in stripping Paul Austin - Psychedelic Educator away the stigma around psychedelic use. He understands the power of responsible psychedelic use in aiding psycho-spiritual development, and believes in sharing this message with others. When not ruminating on his next psychedelic project, Paul enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time outside.

July 2018