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Women and Psychedelics: The Big Picture
Psychedelic Review
by Barb Bauer

Psychedelic Review ‘s “Top Women in Psychedelics”

Two Cosmic Sisters honored to be included in this list of “Top Women in Psychedelics – Past and Present” from the article “Women and Psychedelics: The Big Picture,” by Barb Bauer, for Psychedelic Review (@psychedelicreview)

As psychedelic research moves ahead, some have started to identify several topics of significant interest to women… here is a... “who’s who of women currently occupying the psychedelic space is an excellent way.”

Zoe Helene – Promoter of medicinal plants, founder of Cosmic Sister, and originator of the term “psychedelic feminism.”

Sheri Eckert – Psychotherapist and co-founder of the Oregon Psilocybin Society and the Psilocybin Service Initiative ballot petition.

Along with Ann Shulgin, Amanda Feilding, Kat Harrison, Maria Sabina, Julie Holland, Ayelet Waldman, Valentina Wasson, Mabel Luhan, Ekaterina Malievskaia.

December 2019