Tracey Eller on-location at Temple of the Way of Light in the Peruvian Amazon. Photo by Chris Kilham

Portraits of Psychedelics, Cannabis and Plant Medicine Professionals
Spirit Plant Medicine
with Tracey Eller

Tracey Eller, a lifestyle and documentary photographer, foodie and exotic travel lover, received a Plant Spirit Grant in 2014 and has since traveled with Cosmic Sister to the Peruvian Amazon multiple times to photograph grant recipients, indigenous Shipibo healers, and other key players at Nihue Rao, DreamGlade, Ayahuasca Foundation, and Temple of The Way of Light. Her photographs have accompanied articles about Cosmic Sister in Bust Magazine, Vice, Broadly, LA Weekly, LA Yoga Utne Reader and many more. Her on-location photos also appear in slideshows by experts in the field of psychedelics, cannabis, and plant medicine. Tracey, a visual storyteller, received Cosmic Sisters of Cannabis and Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance grants to photograph the Spirit Plant Medicine conferences.

“The camera is a gateway to understanding myself and the world.” – Tracey Eller

November 2018