Zoe Helene and Chris Kilham

Three Feminists on Why They Chose Marriage
by Fiona Tapp

To some women, marriage represents an oppressive transaction between two men: a father and a suitor. In this view, the woman is merely chattel, a possession to be priced and sold. Not surprisingly, women who see marriage this way are in no rush to make a trip down the altar and, in fact, actively oppose marriage as an institution.

But other women are redefining the marriage agreement and finding that it supports, rather than crushes, their feminist ideals.

We spoke with three married feminists and asked them why marriage still matters and how they make it work for them. What we learned is that both a feminist wedding ceremony and the marriage that follows are based on shared assumptions of equality and equity. For it to work, both bride and groom need to commit to practices and behaviors that seek to reverse antiquated views on marriage and gender roles within that relationship....

“Zoe Helene is a cultural activist and wildlife advocate. This talented, passionate trailblazer is also a multidisciplinary artist and describes herself as a "psychedelic feminist." She had no plans to marry until she was 42, when she had a change of heart. She is now celebrating 10 years of happy marriage and describes her married life as "so very blessed." The pair both run businesses that Zoe says are "interconnected in beautiful, supportive ways and are also distinctly unique and standalone." The couple travels extensively, and they hold a shared vision and mission for their lives together.” - BRIDES

March 2017