Mary's Grandmother Ormain (standing) and her older sister. Photo courtesy Mary Porter

A Thanksgiving Message from Looking Glass Peyote Church of Oregon
Cosmic Sister
by Mary Porter

The word (thankgiving) itself is totally misleading to pin on a day, every day is a good day to give thanks. I was raised by my grandmother who was a prisoner of war at age 4, educated by Jesuits.

I cling to reality to a fault. The main thought I want to impress upon everyone, is to face reality-just covering it up as if the horror was not real to other human beings is not helpful. I fail to see the difference between Non-Native people and Native people. In my opinion, we are all one family. Human Beings.

For me, the American Winter Holidays are spent dealing with generational PTSD, a combat veterans PTSD, and my personal PTSD. We have no special dinner; I find it difficult to “celebrate” with a fancy meal while so many are going without. This year seems to be particularly difficult.

October to January is dedicated to prayer focused on the truth. I gave myself permission not to like or participate in American Holidays. I have never been more thankful for the release from what I feel is “spiritual punishment” in participating.

I don’t require anyone to feel the way I do; I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I just ask that we all take a moment during the Winter Season and acknowledge we are one family, us human beings. Be thankful for what the Mother Earth gives us, respect others' experience in the Winter Season. There is always room for good experiences to come during this time. That is what changes historical bad times into something humanly acceptable.

The historical facts about this day, are unconscionable. Today is a new day that can be defined with goodwill towards people of all races. Something truly to be thankful for every day.

We are one, one family, one race.

IMAGE: This photograph is of Mary's Grandmother Ormain (standing). Her white name is Ermina Goudy Edsall. Sitting is Catherine Goudy, her older sister who never took an Indian name and became a Franciscan Nun.

This Thanksgiving Message is from Mary Porter, President and CEO Looking Glass Peyote Church of Oregon, descendant of the Nez Perce; Yakama, Wasco tribes, and honored member of Cosmic Sister’s Expert Advisory Circle.

November 2018