As an educator, Zoe Helene has presented numerous talks and talking circles in psychedelics and cannabis liberation, focusing on psychedelic feminism, human and non-human rights, women’s healing, empowerment and self-liberation, and divine feminine archetypes as a profound universal language for psychedelic journeying.

Most recently, Zoe presented at Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies Canada (MAPS Canada), The Emerald Cup, New England Women’s Herbal Conference, World Psychedelics Day, Bastyr University, Naropa University, University College London, University of British Columbia, GIC Summit / Global Thought Leaders in Cannabis & Psychedelics, ALTRD.TV's Psyched, and the opening keynote for Women Empowered in Cannabis Leadership Summit.

In her digital revolution days in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Zoe presented keynotes and workshops to top-tier corporate executives, major art organizations, and earth-centered women’s empowerment groups. She is interested in professional consulting, speaking, teaching, podcast and talking circle invitations.


Psychedelic Feminism
Psychedelics: Global Cannabis Intelligence Summit, with host Jonathan Wiser

Psychedelic Feminism—Beyond Human Supremacy
Psilocybin Summit, with Zoe Helene

Psychedelic Feminism—Complexities + Community
Psyched | ALTRD.TV, Zoe Helene with host Marik Hazan

Psychedelic Feminism—The Power of Love (Opening Keynote)
Women Empowered in Cannabis (WEIC) Leadership Summit

Psychedelic Feminism—Wilderness Within
World Psychedelics Day, Zoe Helene with host Shannon Smadella

Respectful Relationship with Psychedelic Medicines from the Earth
Emerald Cup, ALTRD.TV

Psychedelics, Sacred Medicine + Spirituality
WWC Conference, with Kamya Buch Zoe Helene, Raven Marie,

Psychedelic Feminism—Mysteries + The Moon
Society for the Application of Psychedelics, University College London

Psychedelic Feminism—Sacred Death + Rebirth
UBC Psychedelic Society, University of British Columbia

Psychedelic Feminism—Evoking Intentions
Naropa Alliance for Psychedelic Studies, Naropa University

Psychedelic Feminism—Ancestor Medicine
Examining the Psychedelic Renaissance SEASON 2, MAPS Canada

Psychedelic Feminism—Represent The Medicine
Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, with Zoe Helene

Psychedelic Feminism—Gaia's Co-Evolutionary Allies
Examining the Psychedelic Renaissance SEASON 1, MAPS Canada

Psychedelic Feminism—It’s Not All About Us (Humans)
Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, by Zoe Helene

Psychedelic Feminism—Cannabis as Sacred Plant Spirit Medicine
The Emerald Cup, with Zoe Helene

Psychedelic Feminism—Core Concepts + Key Stages for Plant Spirit Journeying
New England Women’s Herbal 30th Anniversary, with Zoe Helene

Global Sustainable Medicinal Plant Trade—Women + Wilderness + Wildlife
New England Women’s Herbal 30th Anniversary, with Zoe Helene