Stephanie Wang

Stephanie Wang, wellness entrepreneur and storyteller, wins Cosmic Sister Emerging Voices Award
Cosmic Sister Emerging Voices Award
with SPMC

Stephanie Wang (@stephaniewang5d), wellness entrepreneur, storyteller, host of the How Things Connect podcast, sacred psychoactive entrepreneur, founder and CEO of KA! Empathogenics (@ka.empathogenics)

Stephanie Wang is a wellness entrepreneur and storyteller passionate about authentic empowerment and conscious transformation.

Stephanie is founder and CEO of KA! Empathogenics, creators of “Kanna Chews,” fine supplements made with sustainably sourced (Kanna Sceletium tortuosum), a sacred psychoactive known to many as “the happiest plant on earth.” Kanna has been an essential ingredient of indigenous Khoisan medicinal, social and spiritual culture for millennia. Stephanie sources from a provider that supports Khoisan communities who steward the plant today.

Stephanie is also creator and host of How Things Connect podcast that shares insight and wisdom on empowerment, healing and evolution that integrates heart, mind, body and spirit on a personal and planetary level.

Stephanie was the President of The Alchemist's Kitchen, dedicated to plant-based wellness in personal transformation, and Director of Evolver Holdings Corp, a leading conscious lifestyle company serving the post-new age transformational market. Besides serving on the board of Evolver, she was a leading member of the team that created The Alchemist's Kitchen and its product brand Plant Alchemy. She oversaw marketing and brand strategy for all of Evolver's assets including The Alchemist's Kitchen, Evolver Learning Lab, Bowery Cannabis Club and Reality Sandwich.

A native Hong Konger, Stephanie began her career in corporate finance at Salomon Brothers, New York, and was a number one ranked equity analyst in the retail sector with HSBC Securities, Hong Kong. As a content strategist and multimedia producer with films that premiered at The Tribeca Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival, she also produced branded content for companies such as The X-Prize Foundation, ABC Television and The Discovery Channel. She was founder and CEO of MediaNosh, a content strategy and digital marketing consultancy.

Stephanie received her Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, including a concentration in Politics from Oxford University, England.

October 2022