Sabrina Pilet-Jones by Tracey Eller

Sabrina Pilet-Jones wins Cosmic Sister Emerging Voices Award
Cosmic Sister Emerging Voices Award
with SPMC

Sabrina Pilet-Jones (@sabrinas_garden) received Cosmic Sister’s immersive Plant Spirit Grant in 2018 to experience ayahuasca ceremonies at Temple of The Way of Light in the Peruvian Amazon, which inspired her to found Sabrina’s Garden (@sabrinas_garden), a popup flower shop.

“Ayahuasca is not a magical pill. It’s hard, deep, transformative shamanic work that forces you into the deepest, darkest parts of yourself to find the unique light we all hold,” she says.

Sabrina is assistant farm manager for the Urban Farming Institute (@ufiboston). She co-taught Juju Box: Sacred Plant Rituals of the African Diaspora, an herbal journey with plants of the African Diaspora, at Boston's Herbstalk (@herbstalk) with her partner, Yoruba Practitioner Arirá Adééké (@seedofosun). “I live life through my passion for manifest health and wellness by spreading knowledge about food,” she says.

Sabrina began practicing Wicca at age nine and has explored spiritual/magical studies, including hoodoo and shamanism, throughout her life. Studying African American spirituality and ancestral universal laws of living in harmony with Dr. Nteri Nelson empowered Sabrina to continue her own personal spiritual exploration and help others heal.

In partnership with Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, Sabrina was awarded a Cosmic Sister Emerging Voices Award (CS EVA). She will participate in the panel “Rising Voices: Women of Color in the Sacred Plant Community," on the main stage.   

October 2019