Psychedelic Feminism by Cosmic Sister
Pathways | Podcast
with host Paulo OBrien

Zoe Helene is the founder of Cosmic Sister. Zoe is a classically trained multi-disciplinary artist and cultural activist best known for advocacy in the areas of psychoactive and psychedelic plants and fungi, specifically in regards to education, safety, legalization, and “psychedelic feminism,” a term and hashtag she coined and has popularized.

The Pathways program features fascinating 30-minute conversations with authors, inventors and cultural activists whose work supports personal development and/or cultural evolution.

Paul O’Brien has been Pathways’ producer/host since 1984.

The show has been broadcast across Oregon and Southern Washington for over 30 years and has a large, loyal following. It airs on Sunday mornings at 8:30 AM at USA Pacific time on KBOO 90.7 FM in Portland, Oregon (streaming via—with free worldwide podcasts of Pathways interviews available.

January 2019