Maddalen Pasini

Maddalen Pasini, creative outlier and psychedelic explorer, wins Cosmic Sister Emerging Voices Award
Cosmic Sister Emerging Voices Award
with Spirit Plant Medicine Conference

Maddalen Pasini (@yawntogether), psychedelic explorer and co-creator of YAWN, an educational platform working to de-stigmatize psilocybin and other sacred plant medicines who also works closely with psychedelic researcher Lindsay Mackay, MD (@DrLindsayMackay)

Maddalen Pasini (raised in Toronto, currently residing in Vancouver - Canada) is a creative outlier and psychedelic explorer devoted to the betterment of mental wellness and the evolution of consciousness. She has been deeply passionate about her self-exploration with psychedelics and plant medicine for over 15 years. Her career as a publicist for over a decade included inhouse public relations, agency life and freelance work, where she has worked in many different industries. Maddalen mainly focused on clients she was truly fiery about, that were culturally disruptive and design driven! At the start of the pandemic she decided to combine her skill and passion to co-create YAWN with her partner and best friend Sam Brophy. Her mission is to destigmatize earth medicines and psychedelics through creating conversation, community and cool products. Her communicative nature makes her a natural activist in this space, she wants to make sure people have access - equitable access and education is the most important part.

“Psilocybin has allowed me to experience life outside of my body in places where all binaries and dualities thrive in an abundant and variety-filled field of belonging.” – Maddalen Pasini

October 2022