Julia Asadorian

Julia Asadorian, arborist and earth defender, wins Cosmic Sister Ancestor Medicine Award
Cosmic Sister Ancestor Medicine Award
with Spirit Plant Medicine Conference

Julia Asadorian (@juliaroseeee), arborist and earth defender of Armenian descent, received a CS AMA to explore her Armenian ancestry with sacred medicine allies and to write about the experience.

Based in Wakefield, RI, Julia has experienced life-changing psylocibin mushroom journeying with close family members and credits mushrooms with curing her depression. She received a Cosmic Sister Special Talent Scholarship to participate in “The Microdosing Movement,” course, organized by Cosmic Sister Danielle Negrin, executive director of the San Francisco Psychedelic Society (@psychedelicsocietysf).

Julia also received a Cosmic Sister Plant Spirit Grant 2018 and traveled to the Peruvian Amazon with Cosmic Sister's founder, Zoe Helene, to experience ayahuasca in a traditional setting at Temple of The Way of Light (@templeofthewayoflight), where she explored her true passions and what drives them. This led to her spending as much time as possible in nature—and a new career path as an arborist, caring for trees. “It’s a dream,” she says, “to be outside working with and for trees.”

Mushrooms have been a bridge connecting Julia more deeply with nature and the earth—especially trees, which are essential for humans and all living things to exist. “Being able to work with trees is an honor. Mushrooms have taught me that we are much like trees ourselves. Each one unique and beautiful. All trees communicate and help one another out to thrive.”

Julia has a degree in Integrative Health Sciences from the University of Vermont and is a professional arborist in training.

October 2022