Susan Sheldon in Native Amazonian Plant Medicine Nursery. Photo by Zoe Helene

Cosmic Sister Susan Sheldon

Susan Sheldon was classically trained in landscape architecture, yet she always felt that something was missing. A Master Gardener and owner of Sheldon Design, Susan is bringing together classical ideas about beauty with healthy, vibrant ecosystems and teaching her clients to see landscapes in a more holistic light. Through the lens of landscape ecology, Susan creates ecologically balanced, regenerative landscapes with native plants that support native pollinators.

Susan earned a degree in art history, with a focus on pre-Columbian art, from the University of Texas-Austin. At Harvard University’s Peabody Museum, she spent six years doing research and stylistic analysis of artifacts from the American Southeastern Mound Builder culture. She earned her master’s degree in landscape architecture from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and has had her own design business for over seventeen years.

An experienced journeyer, Susan’s ideas about beauty and landscape ecology were transformed after she participated in ayahuasca ceremonies. Rather than manipulating landforms and using plants as aesthetic props in a design, Susan understands that beauty can at times be messy but nature is infinitely perfect. To that end, she’s helping residential clients bring wildlife back to their gardens and connect to the larger eco-systems.

Also a classically trained dancer, Susan has been experiencing profound transformation through Authentic Movement for nearly 20 years. This healing modality delves into the spirit world of the mover and often produces trance like visions. She is hoping to couple plant spirit medicine with Authentic Movement to integrate mind, body, and spirit.

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