Sarah Baldwin at Temple of The Way of Light. Photo by Tracey Eller for Cosmic Sister

Sarah Baldwin
Cosmic Sister Plant Spirit Grant 2018
Cosmic Sister

“I’m looking for guidance on how to more effectively channel my efforts in a way that will both help the world and also provide nourishment for myself.” - Sarah Baldwin

Herbalist, Author, Environmentalist
Date of Birth: 05/07/1985 (32 in ceremony)
Lives in Tell City, Indiana

Sarah Baldwin grew up living a simple life in an old farmhouse in Indiana, growing organic food and raising chickens. “I consider myself blessed to have grown up in a loving home surrounded by the beauty of nature,” she says. “This has fostered a lifelong love of nature, which I have always experienced as a magical and healing place.”

Sarah received a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication and Culture from Indiana University and has since worked in the natural foods industry, in education, and as an organic farmer while pursuing the creative fields of writing and performance. She was part of Wild Mother, a three-woman troupe that explored Divine Feminine archetypes through experimental theater, and she enjoys belly dancing, hoop dancing, poi and veil poi spinning, as well as songwriting and playing guitar.

Since 2010, Sarah has focused on herbal medicine as her true passion. She completed the Herbaculture Internship program at Herb Pharm in Williams, Oregon, where she had a spiritual awakening that opened her eyes and heart to the deeper nature of plant spirits and shamanism. She has grown medicinal plants, wildcrafted, and maintained a small cottage business creating and selling herbal remedies for several years.

“I consider the plants to be my spiritual guides, teachers, and healers, and I seek to share their loving wisdom with others,” says Sarah, who recently turned her focus toward education. She writes about herbs for several publications and websites, including Plant Healer, The Herbal Academy, and The Herbarium, a subscription-based website, while keeping up her MoonFlower blog. Sarah is the author of The Herbal Healing Deck, an oracle deck which invokes the spirits of 48 medicinal plants for guidance, healing, and personal growth. Each card features a beautiful visionary expression of a medicinal plant that speaks to you on a symbolic level to convey the true, archetypal essence of the plant. While at Temple of The Way of Light, Sarah is interested in exploring medicinal plants indigenous to the Amazon basin, including the plants that make up the traditional ayahuasca brew, potentially for a new deck.

Sarah recently spoke publicly about psychedelics for the first time at the Good Medicine Confluence in Colorado. She hopes to become “an ambassador for the plants,” writing, speaking and teaching about entheogens.

In the medicine space, Sarah will be looking for guidance about how to be more effective in helping the world and providing nourishment for herself. “I’ve always been hard-working, and I believe in my writing and teaching skills, so I feel as though the problem must stem from a deep energetic pattern such as a lack of confidence or a belief that I don’t deserve abundance,” she says.

Cosmic Sister Plant Spirit Grant 2018
Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance Grant 2018
Ayahuasca Retreat: Temple of The Way of Light

March 2018