Caitlin Moakley on location at Temple of The Way of Light, Peruvian Amazon. Photo by Tracey Eller

Supporting Psychedelics, Cannabis and Plant Medicine Professionals
Spirit Plant Medicine + Healing Power of Cannabis
Caitlin Moakley

Caitlin Moakley, lead buyer and manager of the Body Care department at a legendary natural products store in Cambridge, Massachusetts, believes her life’s mission is to help eliminate toxic chemicals from personal care products. Caitlin is a recipient of a Plant Spirit Grant and traveled to Temple of The Way of Light in the Peruvian Amazon in March 2018. During post-ayahuasca integration, Caitlin launched her own business, Soil + Spirit, providing social media services for clean beauty products and psychedelic, cannabis, and plant medicine advocacy professionals, including Cosmic Sister. She has been awarded Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance and Cosmic Sisters of Cannabis grants to attend the Healing Power of Cannabis and Spirit Plant Medicine conferences, where she will support speakers who received grants during the conference, through social media and more.

“Before journeying with ayahuasca, I felt a serious sense of perceived scarcity of power among women. Ayahuasca showed me that there is no scarcity of power—especially if we band together.” - Caitlin Moakley

November 2018