Dr. Sheetal Narsai

Breathing with Sacred Plants: An Ayurvedic Medicine Perspective
Women of The Psychedelic Renaissance
with Dr. Seeta Narsai

Dr. Seeta Narsai (@seetalove / @drseetaherbals) has been awarded a Cosmic Sister Women of The Psychedelic Renaissance (CS WPR) grant to present “Breathing with Sacred Plants: An Ayurvedic Medicine Perspective” at Spirit Plant Medicine Conference 2020.

Dr. Seeta Narsai holds a clinical doctorate in Ayurvedic Medicine and comes from a long line of Indian women who have carried and passed down this traditional natural healing system from generation to generation.

Being educated in both western and eastern medical sciences, Seeta is uniquely positioned in the field of integrative mind-body medicine. She studied Kinesiology and exercise physiology as a collegiate athlete at the University of Michigan, and is also a kundalini yoga teacher and an avid practitioner of Vipassana/Dzogchen meditation.

Profound personal experiences with spirit medicines like ayahuasca led Seeta to interweave the wisdom of ayurvedic medicine with sacred plants (and fungi). Seeta believes sacred medicines can hasten mind-body-spirit healing and help pave the path to self-liberation.

Ayurveda and Sacred Medicines:

Ayurveda can play an integral role in the psychedelic renaissance. Ayurvedic Medicine is the sister-science to yoga and one of the oldest systems of natural healing in the world. Recognizing every individual as a unique manifestation and continuum of mind-body-spirit, Ayurveda explains that true health and well-being can only be achieved when all three (mind-body-spirit) are in harmony and balance. Ayurveda provides a unique framework to understand the “energetics” of sacred medicines and how they interplay with the mind-body-spirit through concepts such as prana (life force) and the subtle energy body.

October 2020