Acacea Lewis

Acacea Lewis wins Cosmic Sister Emerging Voices Award
Cosmic Sister Emerging Voices Award
MAPS Canada

Congratulations, Cosmic Sister Emerging Voices Award (CS EVA) recipient Acacea Lewis (@akashicthunder)!

Ohio-based Acacea Lewis (26) is a plant medicine alchemist and mycologist specializing in the ancient psychedelic mushroom sacrament, kambo, and iboga, is passionate about microdosing education and accessibility to medicines. As a member of the Native American Church and a kambo healing practitioner, Acacea helps heal emotional, psychological, and physical issues using traditional entheogenic techniques of the Brazilian Matses tribe.

“Providing psychological support for people of color in their consciousness quest and providing relatable and experiential information around that is the core of my work,” she says.

Acacea’s father, a master mathematician, taught her quantum physics when she was young, and she has found ways to apply this knowledge as an explorer of novel states of consciousness such as Sanatana (or Brahmana) consciousness, the Vedas, and Somatic, Ifa, and some early Christian texts.

She was a young, Queer physics student studying astrophysics and geophysics when she was introduced to psychedelics. She discovered kambo while seeking a natural solution for her own bartholyns and endometrial and fibroid cancer symptoms. “Finding a solution for my own physical ailments inspired me to help others who have few options in Western medicine to learn more about indigenous healing herbs and traditional medicines that have been used for thousands of years,” Acacea says.

Though her parents did not approve of Acacea’s relationship with psychedelics, they did witness her undeniable transformation from a depressed and scattered person into a woman driven by passion and a mission. cultural artifacts, and entheogenic artwork her ancestors left behind “so others can understand what it can mean in our five-sense reality.”

“A big part of my healing was about: Who am I? What is my culture? Why does it matter?” she says. “I was able to fill in the blanks of what my ancestors learned by using creative self inquiry and communication with the ancestral realm and interdimensional village. Every healed wound was a lesson for me, as well as a reeducation and initiation into the sacred arts of my own culture: African, Muurish, Middle Eastern, Kemetic and Native American. I found that there were absolutely no coincidences in my birth or my upbringing.”

Acacea has worked with wise-women elders including the late Baba Kilindi’s wife, entheogenic birth doula and mushroom explorer Mama Ayana. Kilindi Iyi was one of Acacea’s mentors, teaching her about high-dose mushroom experiences. Acacea recently completed a pilgrimage to learn about the Zapotecs’ ritual use of the mushroom in Chiapas and Oaxaca.

Acacea specializes in copper and electromagnetic sculptures and has an affinity for martial arts and Orisha dance. Fascinated by Shipibo icaro healing songs and the vajrakilaya mantra, Acacea is researching antediluvian vibrational arts of language and quantum communication and studying super-symmetry and consciousness.
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June 2020