Zoe Helene by Tracey Eller

Psychedelic Feminism—Cannabis as Sacred Plant Spirit Medicine
The Emerald Cup
with Zoe Helene

Cultural activist, artist, and psychedelic feminist ZOE HELENE, MFA, is outspoken and unyielding in her fight for the rights of women, wilderness, wildlife, and sacred psychedelic plants. Best known for “psychedelic feminism,” a term she coined and popularized, Zoe promotes cannabis as an “ambassador plant” for moving the greater plant medicine conversation forward, as a sacred (sometimes psychedelic) plant spirit medicine for journeying, and as a plant spirit ally for personal post-ayahuasca integration work.

Zoe founded Cosmic Sister, an eco-feminist educational advocacy group championing women’s healing, self-liberation, and empowerment through deep (legal) intentional work with nature’s most profound medicines, including cannabis, ayahuasca, peyote, and psilocybin mushrooms—our evolutionary allies. Cosmic Sister’s trio of psychedelic feminism grants—Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance, Cosmic Sisters of Cannabis and the merit-based immersive Plant Spirit Grant—support women’s voices in psychedelics and cannabis.

Zoe believes creating a true balance of power between genders—globally—is the only way humans (and non-humans) will survive. She’s dedicated to animal rights and has published extensively about our moral responsibility, as Earth’s apex predators, to protect and defend critically endangered wolves’ and dolphins’ right to live freely in thriving, uncompromised wilderness sanctuaries.

Zoe is married to and travels the globe with ethnobotanist Chris Kilham, promoting sustainable medicinal plant trade, environmental protection, and cultural preservation. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Bust, Playboy, VICE, Broadly, Tonic, ABC Australia, Radio New Zealand, BBC Travel, LA Yoga, Boston Magazine, New York Magazine, Civilized, Utne Reader, AlterNet, and many other top-tier media venues.

“Exploring the potential of our own inner worlds freely in whatever way we choose — including psychedelics — is a core human right. What if, through responsible exploration with psychedelics, we free our minds? Free-thinkers are more difficult to manipulate and control, which begs the question: Why are psychedelics illegal?” — Zoe Helene, Bust Magazine

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Psychedelic Feminism—Cannabis as Sacred Plant Spirit Medicine

People from all over the world are working with cannabis as a sacred plant spirit medicine for healing, empowerment, and self-liberation. This intimate Psychedelic Feminism interactive talking circle will explore women’s work with cannabis “in the medicine” space, including core concepts of “set and setting” and three key stages of preparation, immersion and integration. Zoe Helene will share wisdom learned from a decade of women’s empowerment work with sacred plant spirit medicine, including traditional ayahuasca ceremonies in the Peruvian Amazon. Space is limited. WOMEN ONLY, please, and no recording devices.

December 2018