Photo: Bustle

5 Ways Your Sex Life Changes As You Get Older — For The Better
By Suzannah Weis

We’re taught to believe that our sex drives and sex lives decline as we age. But many find that their desire for and enjoyment of sex actually goes up as they get older, and there's research to support this. If we can stop pretending that sex is something exclusively enjoyed by young people, we can destigmatize sex between older people and help people enjoy satisfying sex lives at all ages.

“Big Myth: Women lose interest in sex they mature," Cosmic Sister founder Zoe Helene tells Bustle. "Most women experience the exact opposite, well into their 50s (and beyond). I founded a feminist group, so I speak to hundreds of women about things they might not typically share. While some women experience a loss of sex drive as they move through life, it has been my experience that the great majority of women wish their partners were up for having more sex.”

April 2018