Rachael Carlevale of Ganjasana y Tracey Eller / Cosmic Sister

4 Ways Yoga's History Is Fundamentally Linked with Cannabis
by April M. Short

It’s no secret that yoga and cannabis often work in tandem. In Colorado, Washington and Oregon, the states where cannabis is legal (along with some medical marijuana states like California), yoga studios are ramping up ganja-friendly classes. Colorado yoga teacher and cannabis advocate Rachael Carlevale recently opened a yoga business called Ganjasana that uses yoga to tap into what she says are innate connections humans share with the cannabis plant. (Carlevale is a founding member of the feminist cannabis and psychedelics education and advocacy network Cosmic Sister, started by activist Zoe Helene.) In Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas there are yoga-cannabis wellness meetup groups, and a number of studios offer pot-friendly classes as detailed in Willamette Weekly. Seattle, Washington's yoga and sound bath, which pairs yoga, cannabis and musical vibrations, is a local favorite according to the Stranger, and there are plenty more examples (CONTINUED...)

September 2016