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100 Most Influential People in Psychedelics
Tabula Rasa Ventures
by Tabula Rasa Team

By Maya Albert, Lilia Karimi, Tammy Sanders, Marik Hazan

The way we define influence is: Executing on actions today that already are or will influence the way millions of people interact with, understand, and adopt psychedelics into their own lives.


All of the people on this list are currently living and actively contributing to the psychedelics space. Contributors to the psychedelics ecosystem would number in the thousands if we didn’t have this boundary setting. María Sabina, Kilindi Iyi, Terence McKenna, and hundreds of others would have made it impossible to choose. Perhaps we’ll write a follow up post focused on all those who came before us.

The individuals we list are those who have translated the power of psychedelics into a language and framework that is more easily comprehensible to global, multicultural, and cosmopolitan society.

The individuals listed here have not necessarily been “positive” for the future of psychedelics, but they have indeed been influential in its unfolding on a global scale. We do not support or condone the approach of any individual on this list simply by naming them here. Instead, we chose individuals solely in accordance with their influence (in the way that we’ve defined it).

May 2021