10 Best CBD Oil Products Vetted by Our Editors [Your Buying Guide]
Organic Authority
by Emily Monaco

"Do your homework," warns Zoe Helene, founder and chief visionary officer of Cosmic Sister, an eco-feminist advocacy group promoting cannabis as a sacred plant for journeying and an 'ambassador plant' for moving the greater plant medicine conversation forward.

"Know what you're supporting when you purchase CBD oil (or any other cannabis product or natural product. The same core knowledge and skills you've acquired for determining the spirit behind other natural products also applies to this category."

"Consumer choices matter," she continues. "Your dollar has the power to influence positive change in any market, but at this critical juncture in cannabis liberation and 'industry,' entrepreneurs and investors are taking particular note of purchasing behaviors. So when you select a CBD product, think about the company culture you are supporting."

March 2019