Zoe Helene by Tracey Eller


Zoe Helene, founder of Cosmic Sister, is a classically trained multi-disciplinary artist and cultural activist best known for advocacy in the areas of psychedelic plants and fungi, specifically in regards to education, safety, legalization, and "psychedelic feminism," a term she coined and hashtag she popularized.

“Psychedelics have the power to help us rapidly evolve from a cultural or behavioral perspective so we can be better Citizens of Earth as a species, which starts with hundreds, then thousands, then millions, then billions of individual revolutions within.” – Zoe Helene, PRØHBTD

“Matriarchy would not be balanced, and it would not be healthy. It’s all about working together and coexisting in exquisite diversity.” – Zoe Helene, Sensi Magazine (Cover Story)

“You don't ever heal your family. You heal yourself. After years of personal immersion work (with ayahuasca), maybe, just maybe you will be in a position to begin to guide people to where they can go in Peru to work on healing, empowerment, and self-liberation.”” – Zoe Helene, VICE

“The conversation should be about defending the rights of indigenous people while supporting them to champion the environment they steward.” – Zoe Helene, ABC Australia

“With sacred psychedelic medicines we have a chance. Sometimes it feels like we’re grasping at straws, but without hope there is only despair. I choose to live as if we can and will heal and evolve before we destroy ourselves, and everything with us—and I know I’m not alone.” - Zoe Helene, DOUBLE BLIND

“It’s not about taking something and going out and having a party. I’m more interested in journeying and exploring the wilderness within and learning about ourselves and moving forward, which often means letting things go in the past.” – Zoe Helene, PLAYBOY

“Imbalanced systems are inherently unhealthy, and this work is about wellness. Sexism is a chronic, systemic problem and has no place in the psychedelic renaissance arena. This is our last chance to evolve ethically, so we’d better get it right.” - Zoe Helene, UTNE Reader

“Cannabis is an ambassador plant that is bridging worlds and opening conversation about how we co-evolved with sacred plants and how they are natural evolutionary allies for exploring and expanding consciousness.” – Zoe Helene, LA YOGA

“Our work is about a mindful relationship with a sacred plant or fungi. We ‘work with’ or ‘journey with’ or ‘commune with’ but we would never ‘use’.”
– Zoe Helene, Radio New Zealand

“Exploring the potential of our own inner worlds freely in whatever way we choose — including psychedelics — is a core human right. ” – Zoe Helene, Bust Magazine

“The men get the headlines, but it’s often women behind the scenes who are doing the planting and harvesting and chopping.” – Zoe Helene, Outside Magazine

“Cannabis is a loving plant spirit that helps me understand myself. It heightens my senses and reminds me of higher levels of consciousness I can attain. And then I attain them, without it.” – Zoe Helene, Forbes

“At a typical dinner party in our social circles it’s not unusual for one person to bring a bottle of wine and another a basket of fresh-baked pot brownies.” – Zoe Helene, Huffington Post

“I don’t believe a matriarchy would be better than a patriarchy. If women had been in charge for thousands of years, it’s pretty likely we would have done the same because “power over” corrupts.” – Zoe Helene, Psychedelics Today

“The psychoactive properties of cannabis can help people to revisit the traumatic event and deal with it in an altered state where they can recreate or renegotiate the relationship with the problematic pathways of the neural network, which changes the way the memory is experienced.” – Zoe Helene, Weedmaps

“There is a disproportionate number of silver-haired males (who mostly identify as “cis white”) with stronghold power positions in this movement. Many of those men are loving and extraordinary—I’m married to one of them—and this isn’t at all about dissing or dethroning them. This is about balance.” – Zoe Helene, Psychedelic Times

“Positive change takes deep, honest self-inquiry, and that’s what psychedelics are all about. Sacred plants such as cannabis and ayahuasca can help us self-liberate mentally and emotionally. Psychedelics serve a primary role in our ethical evolution.”
– Zoe Helene, MassRoots

“Liberating this extraordinary plant offers exciting, creative new opportunities for independent brands and the wedding gift market.” – Zoe Helene, Civilized

“New Zealand was the first nation in the world to give women the vote [in 1893]. A group of people brought a physical petition from one end of the island to the other, gathering signatures until it was a giant scroll. That scroll can be viewed in the museum now, and I think it should be something that tourists go to see, like the Statue of Liberty.” – Zoe Helene, BBC Travel

“If you help one woman, who is the right type of woman, and she becomes more empowered, she will be free to do something new. Then she goes back to her own home, integrates those learnings and those visions in her own life, and then helps other women. It's a paying-it-forward model. I'm not in control of the process and I don't want to be in control of it; that's a patriarchal idea. These women do their own thing.” - Zoe Helene, VICE | Broadly

“It would be difficult to fit the Cosmic Sister profile and not be an eco-feminist. Many Cosmic Sisters are also Psychedelic Feminists, and where these two paths meet is our sweet spot.” - Zoe Helene, Psymposia

“I’ve been journeying with ayahuasca for a decade. I cannot imagine being raped while in the medicine space. There would be such a deep betrayal there — your heart and mind is opened up in that particular way, so that wound would be really deep.” – Zoe Helene, New York Magazine

“Humans like to put things in tidy little boxes, but nature doesn't do that.” – Zoe Helene, Vice | TONIC

“This work is about breaking free from programming and conditioning and systems that tend to bind, blind and divide people.” - Zoe Helene, The Wisdom Daily

“These profound evolutionary allies from the natural world (natural psychedelics like cannabis, ayahuasca, peyote, and magic mushrooms) can help us to self-liberate, heal and disengage from omnipresent cultural abuse, and identify illusive self-destructive social programming, helping us to become better citizens of the Earth.” – Zoe Helene, Organic Authority

“It's about love and compassion and forgiving others and ourselves. It's also healing wounds and working through issues that affect women, including trauma, depression, anxiety, anger, fear, low self-esteem, addictions, and eating disorders.” – Zoe Helene, Rebel Circus

“Helene argues the point that people like herself, her husband, and anyone who is respectfully approaching this plant medicine, and who incorporate their Ayahuasca experience into their lives at home, are contributing to the cultural preservation -- not appropriation -- of this sacred vine and culture.” - Oyster Travel

“Big Myth: Women lose interest in sex they mature. Most women experience the exact opposite, well into their 50s (and beyond). I founded a feminist group, so I speak to hundreds of women about things they might not typically share. While some women experience a loss of sex drive as they move through life, it has been my experience that the great majority of women wish their partners were up for having more sex.” – Zoe Helene, Bustle

“With sacred psychedelic medicines we have a chance. Sometimes it feels like we’re grasping at straws, but without hope there is only despair. I choose to live as if we can and will heal and evolve before we destroy ourselves, and everything with us—and I know I’m not alone.” - Zoe Helene, DOUBLE BLIND

“My theory is that the medicine helps us communicate with the subconscious parts of our own psyche, and to our own deepest inner wisdom, which is a nature wisdom.” - Zoe Helene, ALTERNET

“[Zoe Helene describes her marriage as] interconnected in beautiful, supportive ways, yet also distinctly unique and standalone.” – Zoe Helene, BRIDES

“Love deeply and courageously. Compassion, respect, humility and a sense of wonder remain key drivers in creating positive change.” - Zoe Helene, COCO ECO

“Cannabis weddings are more than a trend – they’re part of the movement. Men still get the lion’s share of the media, even when it’s about a female plant called the green goddess. Doubly ironic when dealing with wedding industry business and media, which traditionally caters to a primarily female demographic.” – Zoe Helene, LIFT