Our love for this beautiful planet—and for the all the extraordinary living beings we share it with—inspires and sustains our passion for celebrating and protecting the diverse miracle of Life.


The Cosmic Sister Women + Wilderness + Wildlife educational initiative spreads the word about the state of wilderness, wildlife and animal rights, with preference given to promoting women's expert voices on the frontline of this work. We promote organizations working to inform and protect as well as individuals and businesses that support those organizations by placing, pitching, producing and publishing quality narratives and interviews of experts and cultural influencers about “wilderness as habitat” issues such as plastic pollution’s effect on marine life and aggressive destruction of the world’s rainforests. We promote the work of experts who are defending the rights of threatened, endangered and critically endangered species.

“Love deeply and courageously. Compassion, respect, humility and a sense of wonder remain key drivers in creating positive change.” - Zoe Helene


Cosmic Sister's Love Warrior educational initiative is about developing and publishing quality conversation style interviews with a diverse group of expert thought leaders (men and women) who intrigue and inspire. Cosmic Sister has published interviews with experts and trail-blazers in human and animal rights, sustainable business, organic food and beverage, plant medicine (including sacred plant medicine), mind/body/spirit wellness, ethical style and lifestyle, wildlife and wilderness rights, and so much more. We have many great interviews in the works and welcome recommendations!


We develop and place articles and interviews with leaders and rising stars in true sustainability and natural products and curate product and services showcase features and articles about purpose-driven for-profit and non-profit entities, sustainable trade, earth-friendly and ethical practices for a variety of quality venues (preference given to women's expert voices and women-run businesses and organizations).

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“The health of our planet depends on 7 and a half billion plus individuals making better day-to-day choices.” - Zoe Helene