The Her(b) Life Sessions

Cannabis Liberation, That Sums It Up For Me
Her(b)Life Sessions Podcast
with Robyn Lawrence and Zoe Helene

Welcome to Sessions by the Her(B) Life. We are back for season 2 with a new lineup of people who have made cannabis their business. Between advocates, industry professionals, influencers and creatives, we’ll be showcasing some of the industry's best and brightest in a new episode every Thursday.

This episode you’ll hear from Zoe Helene founder of Cosmic Sister and Robyn Griggs Lawrence, author of several cannabis cook books, including the newly released Pot in Pans: A History of Eating Cannabis, which is an incredibly well researched and interesting story about the origins of cannabis as food.

Robyn, who is an educator and author, also has a cannabis catering service, and is a veteran of the the natural health and wellness industry. She was editor-in-chief at Natural Home magazine for 11 years before making the transitioning into cannabis.

Zoe and Robyn discuss at length cannabis as medicine, as nutrition, as a tool for self-exploration, and how cannabis makes almost everything better - especially airports, according to Robyn.

They share ideas around cannabis as a natural health ingredient, which fits effortlessly within the shift in our lifestyles towards a more holistic, organic, chemical-free way of living. They also explore the challenges of the evolving identity of cannabis in a mainstream context as well as the subcultures developing within the cannabis space.

Both veterans of the cannabis industry, this episode is led by Zoe, who herself has been working with cannabis and other plant medicines for years with Cosmic Sister. A platform to further the concept of psychedelic feminism, Cosmic Sister aims to support and encourage women working with cannabis and other plant medicines.

We recommend you check out Robyn’s book and also head over to Cosmic Sister site after listening to this episode of Sessions.

The Her(b) Life Sessions podcast is committed to broadening the cannabis conversation by highlighting the women working in the industry. Each episode we have a new set of hosts discussing contemporary cannabis issues, giving you a direct line into the evolving cannabis landscape. Don’t miss out on the next Sessions episode and subscribe now.

November 2019