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Caitlin Moakley: What Are You Doing For The Plants?
The CannaMom Show
with Aja Atwood
<p>Aja Atwood</p>

The Cannabis and Climate Connection Podcast host Aja Atwood, cannabis patient and advocate, and CEO and Co-Founder of Trella Grow

"What are you doing for the plants?" - Caitlin Moakley

Cosmic Sister Caitlin Moakley on The CannaMom Show's (@thecannamomshow) "The Cannabis and Climate Connection" Podcast, with host Aja Atwood (@gro_wo_limits)

Aja Atwood interviews experts who are interested in the health of our planet to the the health of its inhabitants. Today's guest on Cannabis & Climate Change hails from South Boston, Massachusetts. Caitlin Moakley of Cosmic Sister and Soil and Spirit is a plant medicine advocate and champion of conscious ingredients in personal care. As the owner and operator of Soil and Spirit, she focuses on collaborating and creating with small businesses in the natural products industry, as well as the cannabis and psychedelic communities. Caitlin shares her journey to the Peruvian Amazon and her connection to the environmental feminism group Cosmic Sister, and how her experience with Ayahuasca changed her relationship with cannabis!

Topics Discussed:

Welcome Aja [1:00]
Welcome Caitlin Moakley [2:30]
Caitlin's Story [3:15]
Cambridge Naturals in Porter Square [4:30]
Importance of Water Supply [6:20]
Psychedelics and Personal Care
[7:35] Travels to The Amazon
[8:05] Cosmic Sister [8:28]
Ayahuasca [8:45]
Temple of the Way of Light [9:11]
Be aware of what you bring and what you leave behind! [10:15]
Source and Community [12:00]
Plant Not To Be Taken Lightly [12:25]
No More Cannabis for Caitlin [13:30]
The Plant Decides [14:10]
What is Ayahuasca? [14:55]
MAPS [15:15]
Ayahuasca Test Pilots [15:44]
Importance of Set and Settings [16:34]
Cosmic Sister, Zoe Helene [17:20]
New England Women's Healing Conference [19:25]
Application Process [20:15]
The Diet [21:01]
Setting Profound Intentions [22:28]
How to Set An Intention [24:45]
Importance of Integration [27:00]
Caitlin's Integration and Writing [28:40]
The Importance of Supportive People [29:50]
The Shame [31:10]
Caitlin's Work [34:50]
Sensi Magazine Interview [36:00]
The Healing Rose [36:20]
Heart Grown Wild [36:32]
Excellent Social Media Advice [38:15]
MAPS and Cosmic Sister's Support [40:12]

Theme song by Josh Lamkin

February 2020