Freshly Harvested Cannabis Flowers by Tracey Elller / Cosmic Sister

5 Things You Should Know About Psychedelic Feminism
by Rae Paoletta

A literal plant goddess has the answers.

Psychedelic feminism is about to become your new obsession.

Students of psychedelic feminism believe that use of natural psychedelics (e.g. ayahuasca, peyote, and cannabis) can empower women to unlearn sexist beliefs that are pervasive in our culture.

"If you were to just combine the benefits of psychedelic journeying in a safe, legal situation...with feminism, with the issues that we are dealing with as females in a male dominated culture, it's phenomenal," Zoe Helene, psychedelic feminist and founder of Cosmic Sister, told Revelist.

"There's so much there, because so much of the things we are dealing with inside ourselves that hold us back, that makes us angry, that we need to find ways of looking at differently."

While sacred plants are powerful, it's important to use — and harvest them — responsibly. Helene said mindful cultivation or careful wild-harvesting is crucial.

"One of most important things to keep in mind is that plants can be at risk of being over-harvested to extinction just like animals can be," Helene said. "If a plant becomes popular, people can go crazy trying to harvest as much as they can without consideration to the nature of the plant kingdom — it is abundant but not infinite."

October 2016