Rachael Carlevale of Ganjasana Photo by Tracey Eller courtesy Cosmic Sister

Women Across the Country Reunite Yoga with Cannabis (COMING SOON)
SF Evergreen | Cosmic Sisters of Cannabis
by April M. Short
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“The combination of cannabis and yoga is a rising trend in the West. Yoga studios are adding ganja-friendly classes to their schedules in Colorado, Washington and Oregon—the states where cannabis is legal for adult use—as well as in medical marijuana states like California). While at first glance, “pot-friendly yoga classes” may sound like a passing, Americanized trend, the plant has been used in tandem with yoga for thousands of years. Cannabis has been revered as sacred in India for millennia, and it forms the roots of yogic history. The links between the two are ancient. Perhaps guided by this intuitive connection, today women are at the forefront of a growing movement to reconnect the practice with the herb responsible, at least in part, for of its very creation.” - April M. Short

April M. Short is a long time journalist focused on social justice, cannabis, psychedelics, yoga and health. She was awarded a Cosmic Sisters of Cannabis grant for journalistic writing work related to cannabis and women’s empowerment in early 2016. Disclosure: The Cosmic Sisters of Cannabis grant does not dictate or influence the author’s editorial choices, though portions of the grant were used to fund this article.

SF Evergreen is San Francisco’s only print publication focused on cannabis and marijuana news and culture.

June 2017