Zoe Helene in the Peruvian Amazon with Shipibo Children. NBC Nightly News / Medicine Hunter Expedition.

Traveling Safely at Home and In the Jungle
Psychedelic Parenting (Podcast)
with Jonathan Thompson

Friends don't let friends sleep with Shamans.” - Zoe Helene

Today's show is the second half of a conversation (the first half is called The Art of Psychedelic Mentoring) recorded over a couple days last month, on 4/20 and Earth Day with Zoe Helene. Zoe is the founder of Cosmic Sister, which is dedicated to recognizing and elevating feminist voices in the growing Psychedelic Renaissance, and to supporting visionary women in the exploding world of Cannabis business and studies. Zoe is also the wife and partner of ethnobotanist and writer Chris Kilham, and is the manager of the web presence for his site The Medicine Hunter, and has accompanied Chris on many trips to the Amazon and elsewhere, looking for healing plants and soul-transforming experiences. Zoe is an artist, writer, journalist, and visionary explorer in her own right. She has been featured in Boston Magazine, Forbes, Boston Globe, AlterNet, Chicago Tribune, Newsday, MIT Technology Review, Utne Reader and Fast Company.

In this portion of the conversation, Jonathan and Zoe discuss the power of psychedelics to break through cultural programming, how old plays can show us how far we've come (and how little has changed) in society, and Zoe discusses how young people can stay safe when travelling in the Amazon, and ways to navigate the dangers of sexual violence in ceremonial spaces.

May 2016